I am extremely productive every day.
I get tons done.
My hands are always busy.
Busy clicking my mouse as I read blogs or shop on Etsy.
Busy making messes.
Busy starting new projects when there are dozens of abandoned half finished ones.
Busy making lists of things I should be busy doing instead.

Today is supposed to be my Tackle it Tuesday.
I am over it.

My hands are not busy cleaning up my messes.
They are not finishing projects.
They are not organizing the chaos said unfinished projects leave.
They are not busy doing anything that bores me or isn't that fun.

Like taxes,
or figuring out our complicated health insurance,
or cleaning out the crazy pantry, linen closet, or drawers,
or writing thank you notes that are well past overdue,
or finishing signs that I have promised to make.

So these necessary chores and tasks loom over me.
They are constantly in the back of my mind.
They keep me up at night.

What do I do?
Do I tackle them one at a time, or do I start new fun projects to distract me from them?

If you read this blog I bet you know the answer.

Somehow I need to grow up and find a balance between the necessary and the fun.

It is torture, but I will try.

Any tips?


  1. all too familiar. i set my kitchen timer for 20 minutes and do something productive, distraction-free, in short bursts every two hours throughout the day. this way i don't feel like i didn't get anything done all day, but gives me plenty of time to be busy doing futile tasks.

  2. Hmmm...I am trying to figure this out myself (and I bet others are, too) I like Heather's comment about setting a timer. I just might have to try that. I personally am trying to get up a little earlier in the morning and get a few things done before I turn the computer on. I've also been turning it off when I'm done so I'm not so tempted to "run in and just check one thing"...which we all know how that then turns into ..."oh, I haven't seen this blog before...what a cute idea...oh, and look at that"...and then the day is over and nothing got accomplished! :)

  3. I have no tips because I am The Queen of Procrastination and Unfinished Projects!!
    Love the little flowers-they have been on my list of things to learn how to make for some time now. See above...
    Love all your etsy goodness!!

  4. Sorry, no tips, 'cuz I've got the same disease. Let me know if you find a cure! ;)

  5. Get the absolutly "have tos" done so they won't be on your mind then craft away. At least if you do a few things before fun time then your mind should be a little freeer!

  6. I like Heather's tip, and plan to use it myself.
    I didn't have any tips of my own for you, because I deal with the same problem.

  7. I hear ya!! I am bogged down with things to do lately too, and I almost cant bring myself to do ANY of them! Ugh, one thing at a time I guess!!! :) xoxox

  8. Have you heard of the FlyLady (http://www.flylady.net/)? Some of it is pretty hokey, but I think a lot of the ideas are really helpful. "You can do anything for 15 minutes", "You can't organize clutter", "Progress, not perfection", etc. It's hard to sum up in a blog comment, so just go check it out...

    They also have some great ideas for getting kids involved in helping out (http://www.housefairy.org/).

    I'm not affiliated with them in any way, and I don't even follow the program very well. But I do think it has some great ideas about how to break out of a rut, and how to make baby steps towards your goals.

  9. Hey, here's something I just stumbled upon. This lady has a pretty ambitious weekly schedule (scroll down to part 2 of the post), but it's pretty inspiring (if it doesn't make you feel like a total loser first)!


  10. Hi Julie, I like the idea of the kitchen timer. I used to do that in my classroom, it got me to clear up the clutter on my desk. Now that I am a SAHM, I try counting to 100 as I put away 100 things. Or something smaller if 100 seems like too much that day. The other thing I just started trying is my "Do Something" list. I have a list I printed out and I just fill it in for the day as I "do something". On the list I have the following:

    Pack something (we are working on moving this summer),
    wash something,
    sort something,
    cook something,
    do something that has needed to be done for awhile,
    sew or make something (my favorite),
    drink something (my water tally for the day! ha!).

    I also have exercise and food goals for the day at the bottom of the list (trying to lose last of the baby weight before I get pregnant again...).

    This list keeps me going all day and is motivating, but it doesn't work every day, and that is okay too! There are days I just want to cuddle and play with my little one. The list is just another way I am trying to keep myself focused on getting something, anything done!

  11. Just scrolled down to read some more -- this one sounds like I could have written it. Am going to get up right now and DO SOMETHING! I can always come back here later : )