Aventures in Washington via Instagram.
Who can invent an app to send me back?

Long Beach airport.  Like walking back in time.
First time flying Jet Blue.  Loved the personal tv's.  Did not love the flying part.
Requisite fake smile self portrait pre-takeoff "in case we crash".
Because I'm sure that my phone would survive...
Irrational, I tell you.

I can't leave home without my Allora Handmade, Angel Face Designs, Lisa Leonard, 31 Bits & 147 Million pretties.

The produce and flowers alone were enough to make me want to start every single morning at Pike Place Market.

The mac & cheese from Beecher's was a bonus.

 Diet Poison, sugar, fancy burgers and fries.  That is vacation food, my friends.

Days were spent on adventures by the shore.  Nights were spent watching the sun dip into the sea.

Sunset boat rides.
Green beauty everywhere we looked.

All made sweeter by a beautiful ceremony nested in the forest.
Congrats Brock and Annie!
Thank you for letting us be part of your lives.

I love you Washington.
Forever and ever.
Sunshine or rain.
You stole my heart.

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  1. love all your pics. You almost make me want to move back to rainy, dreary washington. almost. i grew up there & moved to cali after high school - and never, ever have i had the slightest desire to return. rain. grey-ness. but seeing it through your eyes makes me think i could almost like it again ;)

  2. I live in Seattle, and love, love, love living here! Email me any time you need a Beecher's fix. :D

  3. I wasn't sure I loved living in Washington yet (moved here 4 months ago...still adjusting). But geez, you've convinced me... :-)

  4. We moved to eastern WA (Spokane) last September from the OC (Huntington/Irvine) and it's been pretty fun! Definitely an adjustment, but so worth it...green, nature (SQUIRRELS in the many trees in our huge yard - Janey would love it!!) where nature intended it to be, snow, tulips growing everywhere in spring, not so many planned communities/shopping meccas...although I do miss South Coast and having Ikea right at my fingertips!! My BFF lives in Seattle, so I have a reason to make a relaxing 4 hour drive through beautiful country to get there. fun fun! :)

  5. I hope someday to live in the Pacific Northwest, I just love it too. And coconut m&ms are my absolute favorite.

  6. Okay, that's it. You eat the best vacation food ever. Mountain Dew and Coconut M&Ms??!! My idea of a vacation for sure!!!!

  7. coconut mnms are the best kind. and you're cute.

  8. this looks like such a great vaca packed with the best food, sights and friends. thanks for sharing! hope that you are feeling good - that sweet baby boy is going to be in your arms soon. God has blessed me and john with a baby too - He is good!

  9. You just sealed the fact that I must visit Washington one day. I've always wanted to go. We're going to Oregon this Fall, so maybe I can convince the hubs to keep on driving :)

  10. I've never been but I am pretty sure I LOVE Washington!! So lush and green and gorgeous! So fun for you!!

  11. Those berries look AMAZING. I'll take them all. :p

  12. Mmmm....Beechers. When are we going on an eating tour of the West Coast? Via Pinterest I am beginning to see you and I have similar tastebuds!

  13. Last year my husband and I took our then 6 month old across the country from nc up to western wa, flew to Hawaii for a few weeks, then drove back across the country. Never would I have dreamed Washington would be our absolute favorite place. We both agree it is the most beautiful part of the country and would love to live there...I just wish it wasn't a gazillion miles from our families!

  14. Let me tell you...love your photos, love Washington, but I don't love flying either. My husband has now declared that he won't fly with me anymore unless I am heavily medicated. : )

  15. aw man... i love the pacific northwest too!
    it's so gorgeous there.
    my sister lives on a tiny island off of vancouver island called gabriola island.
    a super artsy community.
    it's so pretty there!
    but i just can't handle the no sun and constant rainy winters.
    i'm better with the bitter cold but sunny winters. ;)
    doesn't make sense, i know.

    by the way, have the same orange sandals from target.
    super cute, huh?
    but not always very comfy on long walks.
    take it from me! ha ha!

  16. you are not allowed to move to washington. no more discussion on this topic. no arguing young lady. the end.

  17. Hi Julie, Thanks for your beautiful post! I live in Washington, and it's all I've known. We do take quite a few hits of rain, but we make up for it with our sunny days! I actually came to your blog today because there was a crafty project with spray paint that I thought of you when I saw it - mason jars with spray paint here: http://rebekahgough.blogspot.com/2011/06/make-something-monday-mason-jar-cups.html


  18. Your pictures are fabulous (and I love your Friday posts!). It looks like your time was fabulous:)

  19. I'm a Cali born, moved to Washington (via Navy) then brought back to Cali with my hubby (also via Navy)! My parents and brother are still there, and I'm counting the months until my step-son graduates hs and we move back (23!). There is really no place like home!

  20. Yay for Washington! I love my state! I've even climbed underneath that bridge with my youth group back in the day : ) I'm glad you had a wonderful time!

  21. So funny... you're the 2nd blogger that I follow that was in Whidby Island last week!

  22. Sorry - I wasn't done commenting but I hit publish anyway...

    I wanted to let you know I've started a new website, centerstagelife.com and I've added your button! :)

  23. Love your pretty accessories! The colors make me smile. Very you. :)

  24. so glad that you and your husband got away together... and in SEATTLE! i heart Seattle {maybe because part of our honeymoon was spent there}. :-)

    coconut m&m's! gonna have to scout those out.

  25. Ooh, I'd love to go to Washington someday - how fun!

    Miss you, friend!