Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thanks Bono.

I am guest posting over at Top of the Page today.
Come see what my husband's favorite front man helped me write.


  1. Really beautiful post, Julie! I love it. I can completely relate. beautiful, beautiful grace.

  2. sometimes i think our families were separated at birth. except for the whole coffee thing. my husband would leave me for bono if he could. ok not really.

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  4. also, so i don't seem as shallow as a kiddie pool, that was an amazing post. i love grace more than bono.

  5. did you get to see U2 this weekend? saw them on the 7th in oakland.. was "magnificent!"

  6. ...and i'm back after reading the post. so good julie. i so get this.

    i wrote a similar post last year.
    "the test of grace."

    Grace and i use to brush up against each other (my doing. i'm a recovering pharisee), but over the last few years i have realized how desperately i need Grace. Grace and i are now in a committed relationship {love}.


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