1. awesome! thank YOU Lord. ALL my worth is in YOU!
    have a GREAT week, Julie <3

  2. Hi! I am currently in Alaska with my kids on a family vacation and I am laughing at your post about your recent travels. We too flew out of Long Beach...it IS like you stepped back in time! We were there 2 hours ahead of time and I had NO IDEA what we were going to do to pass the time...especially since we would be on the plane for 5+ hours. We went "upstairs" to the restaurant and had dinner, which did pass some time, but not much else to do. We also flew on Jet Blue, which is always a total treat. Only problem is, apparently we lose tv somewhere over Canada and the tvs are basically worthless. I am praying it is not something that always happens since we are flying the red eye back tomorrow, but I am assuming it is. We'll see...

    And your love of Whidbey Island...I have spent several years of my life there while my dad was in the Marines. My brother was born there. He seems to think Alaska compares...at least in the summer!

  3. Well, I sure your vacation is full of fun and entertainments. Alaska is best place for travel in summer.
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