Do you ever get tired of yourself?
Or is that just me?

Last week during the great Blogger Catastrophe of 2011, I looked at it as a huge break.
I don't have to talk about myself for two days.
Blogger is broken?  Cool.  Free pass from posting.

But apparently it was much different for most people.
It just took one peek at my Twitter stream to see the hordes of despondent and disgruntled bloggers whose LIVES WERE RUINED BEYOND REPAIR because they couldn't publish their posts.

Like sharpening their pitchforks and lighting their torches, in preparation to storm the offices of Blogger, ruined.

Really?  Is this what it has come to?  Really?

I was over it.  A little sassy even.  Sassy enough to tweet this:

I lost a post.
One single post.
Out of the nearly one thousand that I have written.
Ironically it was the NBD post.


Because it was really, truly NBD.

So enough about me.  Tell me about you.  What is the latest and greatest in your life?

Can you believe that you lived through the Blogger catastrophe?  What stories will you tell your grandchildren about where you were when it happened?

P.S.  If Blogger could break at least a few days each week I wouldn't be mad.  Just saying...


  1. LOL, cant believe people were really that upset about it..... I love your blog though.....

  2. I am laughing out loud! Seriously :] Haha! Thanks for keeping it real over here!

  3. I didnt even know blogger was down... that's how bad of a blogger I am..

    But the fact that I've seen so many "screw Blogger" posts is kinda sad. That stuff happens. Unless your going to pay for a service expect it to have hiccups along the way.

  4. I'm so pitiful I didn't know there was an outage. :)

  5. Bwah hahahaha!! I'm with you. I love to say, 'they need some perspective' when people get their panties bunched up over the littlest of things in LIFE. Seriously, people?

    I've enjoyed a couple weeks of 'catch up' around the house and shop, taking almost daily naps, catching a cold, dealing with an eye irritation, enjoying un-scheduled weeks, looking forward to celebrating my birthday with family and my bestie coming into town. That's the latest and greatest around here ...

    Oh and lest I forget ... mass celebrating with SUGAR on my birthday since I've been on a 'sugar strike' the last 30 days :).

    Happy 'you lived through the Blogger catastrophe' day!!

  6. Truly too funny!!! Thank you for keeping it real! I wish that was my biggest to find you on twitter and maybe unfollow a drama queen or two.

  7. You make me smile. Thanks for being real.

  8. oh my word! hilarious! I am SO off to follow you on twitter...

  9. I had written a post that I wasn't sure I wanted to publish about my mom's death. I'm glad it didn't post because when I went back and read it it was frickin depressing. I am all about positivity so I decided to post about happier stuff :-)

  10. i learned that i heart wordpress. although i can't find a blog designer that's available before 2014. NBD.

  11. This is SO FUNNY! I use blogger and did not even notice there was a problem until it was over, ha! Really, NBD.

  12. Oh man you crack me up!! I love your motto of NBD and I wish more out there would live by it too. It makes life so much more enjoyable. And I'll be sure to tell my grandkids how I almost lost a drafted post about James Bond movies, but it came back and it was all a NBD!!

  13. I think it was a welcome and needed forced break for every mom in america who spends too much time blogging. It forced me and everyone else to do something else with our time and I think that a lot of us were happy about it;0. I agree with you...though I was confused initially because I thought I did something wrong. lol

  14. You are truly inspiring. I saw everyone's FB updates saying blogger was down and I thought NBD. My life is not "blogger". Some people spend to much time online and trying to document life that they miss out on life. I want to enjoy each moment not freak out about having a photo of EVERYTHING. You know whats better then blogger? My hubby came back safely from Afghanistan recently...that truly is great. :)


  15. Haha...I follow you on Twitter so I saw that Tweet! And I literally was clueless that Blogger was having an issue until I saw your tweet... =) NBD!

  16. I was I've been so busy living my life lately that I haven't had time to blog! Whoops!!

  17. this made me laugh. thanks! i needed that. ;)

  18. I love you. You always have such a good perspective on life.

  19. Oh my goodness, can I vent about this blogger thing? As a software professional????

    SO... software defect fixes and bugs need to go into production when people are not using the system. Which means the middle of the night. Us software drones work at 2,3,4,5AM to move code to production.

    And then do you know what happens when you realize some code you've moved in has jacked up production? You get to work 24 hours a day until it is fixed. NOT JOKING.

    Sorry for the intro, here's my vent. Blogger is a free service. Free! How can you get so angry when something you are given for free doesn't work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? At least my company's customers deserve to get mad because they pay millions of dollars for our system to be working.

    And to those who think this will never happen to Wordpress, y'all are crazy and wrong. It happens to everyone. When it happened to Facebook, it was front page of NYT.

    Now you may ask, Laura why are you commenting at 11PM? Because I have a production move tonight that starts at 2AM. Hope it doesn't fail because I hate dealing with people at my door with pitchforks on Fridays.

    THANK YOU for the vent!
    MAYBE I had too much coffee to prepare for the move tonight!

  20. hilarious. and oh so true. NBD

  21. I don't even know if my post was lost ot not .. . I'll have to check . . . I'll have to say that I was also a little relieved that Blogger was down. That feeling made me question why I have a blog in the first place, though.
    I hope you are doing well.

  22. Amen! It was hilarious how furious people were. I was like - Holla! I don't have to think of something to post. Awesomeness :)

  23. ah hahahahahahaha!
    you are hilario!
    "where were you when..."
    that is awesome.
    this is how out of touch i was...
    i was thinking there was just something wrong with MY blog.
    it was only this week that i realized it was everywhere.
    of course it happened after i hadn't blogged for like 3 weeks and i did a big long picture post.
    ahhaha ha ha ha ha ha!
    just kidding!
    people need to get a life...
    it was obvs all the narcissistic people who were freaking!
    yay for a bit of a break, huh?
    we'll take it wherever it comes. ;)

  24. Ha! I actually re-tweeted that tweet you did because I loved it so much! Seriously people were freakin'. I thought, yeah I get a little break.

  25. When your comedy tour comes to Sacramento, I'm getting a front row seat. You CRACK me UP, Julie. :)

    And we've adopted the "NBD" phrase in our house. I love hearing it come out of Mason's sweet, huffy, 2 year old mouth. Thanks, friend.

  26. you know what? i love your perspective!
    what's new over here is that my story girl will be one may 28th and that wilder (who's 2) just recently said, "jesus died on the cross for our sins then rose again."
    that trumps blogger ANY DAY.

  27. hahahahahah! That is GREAT! Here's how important blogger is to me....I didn't even know Blogger had an outage....GASP!

  28. Well said! Thanks for saying what should be said out loud,

  29. ha! people are funny. and sadly this is the first of have heard of said catastrophe. that was a good week to go on vacation i guess. :)

  30. I agree. My reaction to the outage was AMEN!!
    Loved your twitter comment. :D

  31. Ditto!- on your thoughts- actually I looked at "that day" as an answer to answer to the decision to continue to "blog-or-not"...
    Yeah for that day!!
    Happy Friday!

  32. Great perspective. I saw your tweet and I thought you were absolutely right. I spend too much time on here anyway and it was nice to have a break!

  33. What's really funny is I saw the NBD post before it broke and wondered why it was reposted in my reader again.
    I had no idea blogger was the mixup at all.
    Thanks for the laughs this morning!

  34. Love the pic...don't we all feel that way sometimes!!!

    Thanks for making my day once again!!

  35. LOL, yes I cannot believe some people. I would be happy to take the day off AND that be my biggest problem! :)
    It'd be different if they lost all of your posts...that'd be a little freaky but not the end of the world. Some people need a break.

    Thanks for the laugh Julie!

  36. I love your post and your attitude!

  37. agreed! no idea why this was a big deal... truly, truly a NBD moment.

    I mean, really. come on people -- you have lives away from a computer screen!

  38. haha funny post. I do love reading your blog. However, you say I wouldn't mind if Blogger went down a bit more? You control when you want to write .. maybe you could trend set 'no blog Monday' (or tues wed thur fri .. whatever day!) and give yourself a well-earned break day :-) (I give myself a not-so-well-earned month off sometimes oops hehe)

  39. Love that you posted that to twitter. My hubs and I were laughing hysterically as we read all the tweets about it. One word- perspective. They were missing it and this post hands it on a platter to everyone.

  40. how dare you sir.....

    personally i am not on blogger, but i was going to hockey mask them anyway....for the sake of the others.

    the latest and greatest.....snail bedtime stories.
    what could be better than that?

  41. Funny, I didn't even know I was a survivor! I did notice your NBD post was gone, but it didn't occur to me something catastrophic had happened. Too much!

  42. hilarity! that pic of janie is perfect!

  43. NBD is the new catch phrase at my house. I read your post to my kids {before it got deleted} and we all laughed and agreed we needed to steal the acronym. It's been used frequently and liberally around here:)

  44. I was not that upset about it.... I bought a dining room rug.

  45. Have to AGREE. i am not a blogger but i live in Birmingham, Alabama. 1 hour from Tuscaloosa, 15 minutes from Pratt City, & 30 minutes from Pleasant Grove...hardest hit areas by the tornadoes that devastated so many. When people get upset over something so insignificant, i just wnat to scream. Those people need to come to my neck of the woods and take a peek at what it looks like to really lose something of significance... quite possibly ALL that you have including loved ones. I think a reality check is in order!

  46. NBD for real!
    OR... GAL.
    As in "Get A Life." My college friends and I made that one up and have had to use it on several occasions. TWD. Love it!
    Thanks for informing about the horrifying crash of blogger via Twitter, as I never would have known.

  47. My life has been so crazy that I didn't even know blogger was down! lol. I have two different blogs that I try to keep pretty updated but we just moved to South Carolina and I was busy unpacking and trying to get my southern drawl/twang just perfect so that the folks around here think I am a local!

  48. How dare you. I am still recovering from the wreckage...