On a Saturday.  Because I am a total rebel rule breaker.
Who had a crazy crazy crazy full week.
(And who is a professional procrastinator and put all of the crazy and busy on myself due to lack of planning.  One day I will learn.  When I am 103.)

We had the privlege of taking the big girls to see a local production of Beauty & the Beast, in which one of our students was a dancer.
It was magic.  Total magic.  Costumes were involved.  How could it not be a glorious night?

Perhaps I should start a blog about fruit.
Because really, is there nothing better about summer?
The heat can go.  But the fruit must stay.
Lucky me, I am the only person who likes cherries in this house.
Mine all mine.
Try them after soaking them in a bowl of ice water.  You can thank me later.

So I tried that whole "Do one load of laundry a day and you will never fall behind" nonsense.
For a day.
Thing is, I could totally get a gold medal in washing and drying clothes.
My issue is more of the putting away part.
I'm trying.  Failing.  But trying.
Who wants to keep me accountable on the one load a day plan?

A sweet blog reader sent me this fabric all the way from gorgeous Austrailia over two years ago.  I finally found a project worthy of cutting into it.  Aloha to a seven year old and her luau pool party.

I love bacon.  But only really crispy bacon.  Not slimy bacon.  Not floppy bacon.  There is this very fine line between raw and burnt.  I am a master of that line.  I love these ironic pig tongs that help me make my version of perfect bacon.

I hung up the happy banners on my stairs to keep them from getting wrinkled, but quickly realized that my stairs need a daily party.  Walk in, see this?  Troubles melt like lemon drops.  Looks like some more pennant cutting is in my future.

Are you having a crazy week?  Need to bring five dozen cookies to a school bake sale? (Five was not a typo.)  Make Lazy Cookies.  They are even more delicious than they are easy.

 Cupcakes for the girl who helped us to sing hallelujah again seven sweet years ago.

I have so much to say about my sweet, sweet Halley.
But our day at the American Girl store was nothing short of magical.  She shines.  She is depth and beauty and grace.  She is more than I ever deserved as a mom.  She is truly an extravagant gift.

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  1. I'm the same way with laundry...great at doing it but hate putting it away! I love my bacon the same way too :)

  2. LOVE the fabrics in the pennants! So fun!! :)

  3. Aww...Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. I love your pennant banners but what really caught my eye were the (Ikea?) frames (painted) running up your staircase with your girls pics in them. I LOVE that idea!

  4. Sometimes I think you and I were separated at birth. I can't seem to get my laundry put away either, just had a luau party for my oldest sweetie, made pennant banners out of Hawaiian fabric for said party, and love crispy bacon!

    On the bacon front...ever tried one of those presses? An old fashioned breakfast joint in my hometown has the best bacon and their secret is the metal bacon press that makes them perfectly crispy.

  5. I struggle with laundry too. I am trying to do a load a day as well. I am trying to do specific loads on set days. Good luck with the load a day!

  6. Oh, the laundry! I am glad to see I am not alone. :) And those cookies! . . . thanks for yet another great recipe! i love your staircase . . . I want to see a picture of the whole thing.

  7. such precious words poured of your little one...beautiful!

  8. You are SUCH a rulebreaker! LOL! Happy Birthday!

  9. 2 things:
    1. frozen cherries
    2. my grandma was telling me a funny story about my grandpa ordering bacon in a restaurant last weekend and how the waitress brought him "stud bacon" when he had requested the less cooked "old man bacon"

  10. i really HATE to put laundry away also. it drives me nuts : )

  11. I just wanted to tell you I made your puffs last night for friends - HUGE hit!! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. : )

  12. why do you do these things to me? things like lazy cookies. i'm making them this afternoon. SO SO SO with you on the bacon. must be crispy but not burnt. very fine line between perfection and uneatable. P.S. i'm learning to sew in 2 weeks! real, big girl sewing. all because of your pennants.

  13. I taught my 5 year old how to do laundry this weekend. He loves the washing and drying but he too struggles with the folding and putting away!

    Oh and bacon.....I love!

  14. I can't wait to hear more about the penants. It is my desire to not let summer end without a string of happiness that I can stream up in my backyard!!

  15. with you on the crispy bacon. and the laundry. So nice to hear that I am not alone in the forever never ending laundry situation. But so sorry that you're struggling. =)

  16. Julie, I am also trying the 'one load a day' thing and I think I have cracked the code to making it work. Everyone in our house has their own basket with their own name on it. They are numbered 1-6, then basket number 7 is for linens. Sunday is day 1, so I do basket number 1. I wash, dry, fold and put it away. Because it's all the same person's clothes there is no sorting, which is what usually gets me in trouble when I go to put laundry away.

    If I don't put away the clothes from that day's laundry there will be no basket for that person to put their dirty clothes in, so they end up on the floor. That's my motivation to complete the task. Maybe this would work for you?

  17. one laundry day. wash and dry all day, spend the evening folding in front of the boob tube. put away the next day. I also have my older kids folding and putting away their own clothes. I leave my husband's clothes on the bed so he has to put them away, or pile them on his dresser. It's a wonderful thing.

  18. My mom swears by the load a day thing too. My new "system" is to keep it in the garage till I fold it... that way my piles are out of site. Brad thinks I'm folding regularly and that's all that matters!

  19. It makes me feel so much better that I am not the only Mother that has piles upon piles of clean folded (mostly) laundry lying around. Thank you for making my day! :)

  20. Love looking at your insta Friday pics. Beautiful! I like your pennants. May have to copy ;)

  21. I am going to have to tell my husband about the cherries and ice water. He will love that.

    I have three kids and two in (cloth) diapers and I think two loads of laundry a day might keep us on track. But probably not one. There are just some days when I can't get around to doing a load at all though!

  22. Wow. I agree with alot of what you blogged today...Love love love cherries. I have to have my bacon really crispy as well! :) That pennants are so nice... they look great hanging there... and I adore the frames in the background!

  23. Must be hormonal. That last part about your baby girl ma me tear up. Happy belated b day to her! I hope it was magical.