Friday, December 31, 2010

Adios 2010.

 2010 was an intense year.  High highs and low lows.  Mourning and celebration.  Trials and victories.  But through it all, we grew in faith, love and strength.  Here are some of my favorite moments from the year, the moments that I want to hold closest to my heart when I reflect back on the last 365 days.

1.  After Project 320, 2009, I took my heart and passion for bringing clean water to all in need, to our Senior Pastor and church leadership.  Our entire congregation became equally passionate and we launched a water campaign through Living Water International.
Together we raised enough money to fund twelve wells.  Once again, God showed up in ways that went beyond what we could have hoped or dreamed.  Living Water International, in turn, sponsored a well on our behalf in Santa Isabel, Peru, and named it after me.  I am sure that this will be one of my top ten experiences of my entire life, not just 2010.
2.  Family pictures with Drew B.
I don't think I will ever stop smiling each time I see how she captured our family.  It is just happy, colorful, awesome.  Love them.  Love Drew.
3.  Seeing my husband reunite with his best friends and pick up his drumsticks again.
4.  Finally making the jump from the comfy green rectangle to the scary M on my camera, then falling promptly in love with it.  All thanks to Drew's UNmanual.
5.  Family vacays to my happiest place on earth, Bass Lake.
6.  Using bald baby's drama to win me an iPad, yo.
7.  Cooking in the real, live, Betty Crocker kitchen!!!
8.  Holla weekend.  I survived Sketchy Air, and it was totally worth it!
9.  Anniversary weekend with the mister.  Yay for looooove!!!
10.  These three, silly, loud, funny, creative, best, best, best friends.  They keep me in wonder everyday.

Bye bye 2010.  
Hello 2011.


  1. Found your blog today and what a way to enter 2011!! We have 2 children and are soon to be adopting a special needs little girl from Ukraine. I love reading about strong moms who share their passion for finding good in the world. We may cry, we may dig deep, but mostly we find ourselves celebrating the small things and embracing our journeys.

  2. Beautiful friend!!
    I know your heart carried some heavy stuff, but I'm so glad that you could find the JOY in the midst of sorrow.
    Wishing you a blessed 2011!! Can't wait to join up with you on some adventures ;). We'll see what He can work out in that area ;D.

    Happy start to 2011!!

  3. Happy New Year, friend. My heart sighs with yours over the heartbreaks in the last year too. I just did a mega-post about it - haha. Glory to God for replacing ashes with beauty. Love that about Him.

  4. That is a whole lot of joy and happiness in one post! Yay! Lots of fun things to celebrate indeed. May you and your family be richly blessed in 2011. Happy New Year.

  5. what a fun list of 10!
    Thanks for sharing your great top moments. :)

  6. I love reading your blog. You share from the heart and it's so touching. May God bless you and your family in 2011!

  7. Wow. That was one inspirational year! I pray that God blesses you with more inspiration in 2011, revealing how big He is and what part you play in all of that. I can't wait to read all about it.

  8. Oh and just seeing Sketchy Air made me giggle all over again...classic.

  9. happy new year, friend!
    hope all is well...

  10. Loooooove these posts! I did a similar one too! Seeing "Julie's Well" gave me chills - your huge heart inspires so many, self included! Love you girl - so blessed to call you a friend!

    now we need a 2011 Holla weekend stat!

  11. Happy New Year!! 12 more wells, that's amazing!

  12. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  13. What a fun and inspiring post! I must be living under a rock because I had no idea you were married to a Supertone. In my defense, I am a newbie, but that is awesome. My friends and I used to go to their shows whenever possible and I would be up there skanking with the best of them. What a fun life and may 2011 be a blessed one for you!

  14. yay for a new year and a new start!!

    so excited to see what comes.
    can't wait to see you again.
    thanks for blogging.
    love you julie!

  15. Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing your year with us.

    I did not realize your husband was in Supertones. They are awesome!


  16. What an adorable picture of the three girls! Loved reading your post. Happy New Year!

  17. What an amazing yer; it's fun to look back and remember those events you shared with us, as well as the many wonderful things in my own this past year. God is amazing and He is always faithful! No matter what happens in 2011, God will always be there and that is all I can ask for!

    God bless you and your family this coming year!

    Kind Regards,

  18. Love this post...Julie's well brought tears to my eyes. You, my friend are amazing & I am so thankful to have you in my life. Our Holla weekend was also a highlight of my 2010. Happy 2011!

  19. You are one blessed lady!
    Keep up the love you have for others!

  20. SO fun! All this time that I have been reading your blog I didn't know your hubby is in the Supertones (I must have missed those posts). I went to several of their concerts as a kid. That is so funny!

  21. merry everything julie!

    lovely adios.

    your heart is beautiful in Christ.

  22. Congrats lady! You totally deserve it!

  23. Happy! Happy! "2011"! sweet Julie!
    Many Blessings!

  24. Your girls are so gorgeous! And I adore all their lovely outfits. I am passing you the "stylish blogger" award. You can grab the award button off my blog at

  25. I awarded you with A Most Sylish Blogger Award...please feel free to stop by and see the post!

  26. Your blog, in my opinion, continually sets the bar for excellence: photography, personal mission, all of it. Each and every time I stop by, I am inspired! Thank you!

  27. Those are some great memories from 2010, especially the water wells. I think you're right, that will be a lifelong treasure!

  28. Beautiful blog, pics and family! So glad I found you!!

  29. Oh my goodness! Does that picture with the Supertones mean you husband was a part of the Supertones????? Hello! I totally LOVED their music when I was in high school and went to a concert up in Portland, OR one time. They rocked. Wow that brings back awesome memories to this "old" 30 year-old mama!!!


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