I might not like to fly to Norcal.
But I love to be in Norcal.
I would like to take California, remove the middle (sorry, I could place it somewhere great, like next to Kauai...) and smash it right up against the OC.  Then I could just drive a few miles to see these girls.  No flying trauma involved.

What did we do while we were there?
Such, glamourous, unique, and extravagant things.
Go to Target.
Go to Joann's.
Not sleep.
More not sleeping.
Mainly talking and eating.

Holla for Monkey Bread Crack.

Holla for Crispy Crack.

Holla for Caramel Crack.  (Grovel, plead, beg for Mel to post the recipe.)

  Holla for Zachary's Crack.  (Which just sounds wrong on so many levels...)
Think that pizza can't be crack?
Back in the olden days when I was newly married, and Jason was on tour most of the year, I would frequently visit my besties who were in grad school up in Norcal.  That is where I met Zachary.  That is where I fell in love.  With a pizza that I have been pining for.  Dreaming about.  For over ten years.  Finally, we were gloriously reunited, and yes, it felt so good.

We became quite impatient, waiting for baby Cole to be born so we broke Heather's water.  That's what cool kids do.
{Or we staged a silly picture after one of many spills...  you decide.}

A Joann's run was in order to get fabric for our Sassafras shoes.
Notice the Stella & Dot gorgeousness?
Heather G. brought over her whole collection and we got to borrow whatever we wanted for the day.  Swoon.  How badly did I wish a few pieces would fall in my luggage...

While Heather M. helped me start my quilt, Erin was hard at work making our shoes.  Our stinking adorable, can make me totally forget about my love for flip flops, shoes.  A picture was in order of the final cuteness.    The empty shoe?  For our dear sweet Marta, who was missed every moment of the trip.  The shark?  It belongs to the shark-loving Heather G.  Not the shark-phobic yours truly... I have an otter tattoo, but that is a story for an entirely different time.

(Want your very own pair of Sassafras shoes?  You are in luck.  Erin has stocked her new shop Haute Blue B with more awesome than you can imagine.  Lovey, love, love.)


  1. Xanex for the fear of flying... i will NOT fly without it! It got me all the way to china AND back... TWICE! Ask your Dr., trust me!! It's the only way to fly!
    PS-loves the shoes, LOVES!!

  2. shut the front door!
    dying at that personless shoe pic.
    You girls are so SMILEY face.
    But I can't help but be SAD face after seeing all the fun I missed.
    Thanks for sharing your pics and you are too cute for words in all those pictures.

  3. Awww! I love the photos! It looks like you guys had a blast--fun fun fun!

    And now I am craving caramel crack...wait, is that what you called it?


  4. These shoes are so very very cute. Gah! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks like you had a fantastic time!
    Love the shoes!!

  6. Umm... instead of exiling us mid-Californians, how about meeting in the middle?? Jeannett and I live in a pretty great part of the world, and I would be glad to host an event... provided you all provide that food. :-)

  7. Pink puffy heart you and all the Hollas! Such a fun, but too short trip. Aren't they always? Maybe our trip to the Lou can be longer. Also, when you smash Nor Cal and So Cal close together, can you smash your Home Goods this way too? That would be awesomesauce times 2575

  8. I had such a fun time having all you at my house! Wish it could have been longer, I miss you girls...love the idea of cutting Cali in half & smashing Nor Cal & So Cal together. Just don't bring the smog with you, okay?

  9. I want a pair of those shoes in every color!

  10. ummm.. i think i'm hungry from the food pics!

  11. I'm pretty sure I would make you be my bff if I knew you in real life. You crack me up. Does your otter tattoo have to do with a personality test? If it does I'm a lion!

  12. i live in nor cal. i know the love of zachary's. so so SO good!

    patti - urban bundle

  13. Oh that monkey bread looks delicious!!

  14. I'm hopping over from the 30 days blog...I'm going to have to check out these super cute shoes.

  15. Those shoes are super cute!! Looks like you gals had a blast. And you know a new post is needed for those recipes. No fair just posting pictures!