I drink a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of water.
Then I drink some more.
I always have, and my mom is the exact same way.
I start to mentally panic if it has been more than about thirty minutes and I don't have water options in sight.  I think that my need for so much of it, and the fear that I might not have any soon, renders me so sensitive to the plight of those without access to clean water.
I know that I take my daily gallons for granted.
I try to remind myself of that every time I take a sip, a shower, a dip in the pool.

My water tastes have gone in phases.  There was the lemon years, the lime times, oranges, every kind of mint under the sun, strawberries, cucumbers...
But this summer a whole new flavor has taken a hold of my heart.
Lovely, aromatic, bright, elegant, basil.
My poor, dear, plant cannot keep up with my ravaging.  I am close to having to buy a new one.  Especially since yesterday, when on a whim, I threw some leaves in a tall glass of icy coolness.
The basil is unexpected.  Savory.  Refreshing.
My new fave.
Dare you to try it.
It's really, really, wonderful.
Then as you sip, sit down and check out Charity Water's September Campaign.  They have some world changing goals and dreams planned for next month.


  1. It does break your heart that something we have so much of others have none.
    And the thought of contaminated water is sad as well.
    We have a well, so we are very careful.
    I will try the basil. Thanks.

  2. I'm gonna go try it!
    My basil plant can't keep up with me either, and thankfully Mr. CM just planted a fresh one!

  3. I'm following you over from 30 days. I am JUST like you!! I drink water all day all night. I have my water bottle right beside me now. OK I'm gunna have to try the basil. I LOVE basil!!!

  4. I wish I had the same thirst for water. I know it's good for me but I hate it so much. I'm generally not a a heavy liquid drinker. I am going to try the basil flavored water though.


  5. I drink water all night. But during the day... I rarely touch it. I need my large glass of cola several times a day.

    basil in water doesn't sound very tasty, but I'll just say I believe you and leave it at that ;)

  6. great idea
    may try this
    have a great weekend
    your blog is an encouragement to me
    thank you
    send me a bill

  7. no lie, i just took a photo of my pitcher of water this morning intending to post it as my summer obsession. but i don't feel the photo adequately expresses the refreshment! so i decided not to post. i've been doing: grated ginger, lemon & cucumber slices w/mint leaves overnight. it's "sassy water" from the flat belly diet. it does happen to anti-bloat, but its so good it'd be worth it even if it didn't.

  8. I'm more of a plain water drinker... but this is intr-ee-ging

  9. Okay, now I am not only trying the basil water, but all the yumminess you posted. I always leave your blog, eating, drinking, crafting, laughing, or loving my babies more. But I always leave loving Jesus more, because I see him through your FULL heart!

  10. Visiting from 30daysblog. I am now following you too! Beautiful family, beautiful blog, and great idea for water!!

  11. That glass looks so refreshing. It is so true that we take our access to water for granted. I'm glad you're using your passion for water for good.

  12. I also drink a lot of water and a lot of tea.....and it is sad to think something we take for granted isn't the same all around the world.

    I'm stopping by to say hi from 30days, I'm entering her giveaway to win on of your handbands...pink too, my granddaughter's favorite color.


  13. FYI...I mentioned your blog on my blog today because I've been inspired by you...and the Buggles story still cracks me up.

  14. i think you should talk to the socal water people about putting basil in the tap. i LOVE the OC (newport = heaven on earth) but the H2O needs to G-O.

  15. i was just talking about this with a friend of mine! we went to a thai restaurant here that serves water from a pitcher that has sliced green apple and basil. it's sooo yummy!

    patti - urban bundle

  16. mmm sounds interesting, i'll have to try it :-)

  17. I would leave a comment but just off to pick some basil and pre a glass of water

  18. I LOVE the colors of your walls! Blue is one of my favorite colors.