Saturday, August 21, 2010

I can see three corners from this corner...

Tonight I am going to introduce my husband to my boyfriend.
Under the stars.  In a crowd of thousands.

It's not going to be weird at all.
In fact he has no choice to love him.
I have no intention of ever leaving my Dave.


  1. I will let Dave cheat on me just this once with you. And I'm not too proud to admit that I'm jealous. :)


  2. PS goldfish need to live in a balanced ecosystem ie one with enough algae.....the bowl of water, stones and plants, needs to aclimatise for about a week BEFORE adding the fish, and never fully cleaned.
    once a week, you may HALF empty and replace the water with fresh water (if u use tap water, u need to also add anti-chlor drops).
    they can very easily die of shock, and OVER-feeding is another common cause. (one pinch dry tropical fish food per day only)

  3. I love Dave too. I introduced my George to my other boyfriends, Scotty and Seth Avett, this past New Years Eve. =) He took it pretty well.

  4. it!! I like Dave too, but my husband knows that my boyfriend is Michael Buble!!

    Very witty!

  5. well i know that you will have more fun than i did.

    you can text me all the weird stuff you see though.
    is black joe lewis opening for them in CA? he was fun.
    i had no idea who he was but he was fun.
    the outside part of the concert will be awesome.

    i hope you have THE BEST night with your lovers. :)

  6. YAY! For you because you get to be with both of your men! And for me 'cuz you aren't looking at my boyfriend, John Krasinski! Or my other BF Matthew MacFadyen... ;0)

  7. i will be there too!
    i will look for you.
    but i know what you look like and you don't know what i look like :)
    it may be a liitle odd anyway with you and your men.....

  8. yay Julie!
    have fun!
    let me know asap if he LOVES him as much as you do.
    my hubby is already in love with dave.
    he was obsessed long before me.
    but only because he's way older than me. (2 years! ha!)
    sing a few songs for me tonight!

  9. I clicked on the "Dave" to see what you were talking about.
    Wow, I can't believe you said that this clown was on her way to a party to make children cry. I am a professional clown. I have never had children cry. Once in awhile a child will not to come close.
    At our clown classes we teach new clowns not to approach children that are scared. Most of my experiences have been that the child will eventually approach me. I try really hard not to be scary. Less makeup, real hair. I even go to schools and put my makeup on in front of children. My voice as a clown seems to be very quiet. I had a school director call me the "gentle" clown. Usually when an adult is afraid of a clown it is because they have watched those crazy scary movies. That is not what we are about. If one teacher or a priest was a child molestor it sure doesn't mean that all of them are. I know that is a bazaar comparison.
    I'm sorry but I have to clarify these things, not to upset you. There are alot of children that love being around clowns......please , pretty please don't say that we make kids cry. I love kids and they love me as a clown.
    Petals the Clown

  10. Ooh, we saw him last weekend- great show. They playes a lot of new stuff, but there were some great classics, as well. The jams werer phenomenal. Have a blast!

  11. I must get out my CD and listen again. Love his music!

  12. lucky duck! have a wonderful time, as if it would be possible not to.

  13. Enjoy! I caught him last fall in Iowa. It was GREAT!

  14. Best outdoor concert I ever went to...definitely Dave...sigh :)

  15. Just popping in from 30 days to say hi and that I think I may have to go find some Dave music, just to feel cool like you!

  16. WOW that's funny he is totally my boyfriend too! He introduced me and my husband which is weird cuz he was my boyfriend. But seriously my first conversation with my hubby was about Dave, we fell in love while listening to Dave, our first dance was to Dave, I got through severe post partum with the help of Dave. Dave is...well lets's just say "the best of what's around".

  17. Sounds like a perfect summer evening!

  18. i love that song...i am going to listen to it right now.

  19. Dave is cheating on me with you! Or, on you with me! LOL... I went too - had so much fun.

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