I love to drive.


I always have.
It calms me,
and I get to spend time with my boyfriend.

Dave Matthews.

We have been together since 1994.
When he opened for Phish.
That Michael Phelps thing was just a silly fling.

But I am rarely alone anymore.  

Usually it is the girls and 
Jack Johnson
worship music
or if I am feeling really, really nice,
the Disney Princess CD's.
(Thanks Aunt Amy... really.  Thanks.)

But I was alone today.
With Dave.
(Janey too, but she was asleep, so it was as if I was alone.)
It was raining and he was singing.  
Just for me.


I looked to the left of me.
The moment with my love, 

By whom?

Edward Cullen?
Wearing purple?
Eating a banana?
On a popsicle stick?
Dipped in ketchup?

Worse, much worse.

This lady.

Wearing this.
On a way to a party.
To make children cry.

I will never forgive you Princess Pipsqueak.

It might be months until I have another rendevous with Dave.


  1. I think hate is such a horrible word, but I might really hate clowns. I just want a little quiet with my i-pod,no Jonas Brothers and no Hannah Montana. Too much to ask???

  2. I too love Dave and think clowns are creepy! The "band" is in concert here in a few months! I am hoping!!!.....

  3. I think Dave would make even a creepy clown not so bad.

    Yep, '94 was when my love for Dave began as well. I saw him at a tiny bar in Houston. It was love at first sight and first sounds. My three year old digs it too, and that is a good thing!!!

  4. Yay for Dave!! He lives here in Charlottesville you know! :) I have been a long time fan as well...just waiting to see him strolling through Target. :)

  5. Oh you are so my soul sister.
    I LOVE driving alone. Love it.
    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dave. I went to his concert around 96ish. Crash is still one of my favorites.
    Boo to clowns.

  6. I too love to drive alone :)
    It started as a teenager, when I'd be in some silly fight with my parents, I'd just leave and drive for awhile (or head to the gym). and I'd return a different person.

  7. I just found your blog for the Playground widget. We share the same boyfriend! You are too funny. Once Dave and I drove through the mountains of Switzerland together. Best date ever!

  8. I cherish my time in the car alone too. I crank up the music and sing. I love Dave too.

  9. That is hilarious! I love driving alone too and am really looking forward to a road trip soon to meet my BFF. But just an FYI, you can have Dave but Jack is spoken for. I called dibs way back. :D LOL

  10. hey...dave is MY boyfriend...what are you talking about???


    clowns are just down right creepy unless it's grandma from the big apple circus...i just love her! xo

  11. I cannot believe Dave is cheating on me with you! I refuse to believe it.

    That is one scary clown. Who would torture their children with a clown? (No offense to the clown-lovers.)

  12. bebo norman is my boyfriend. my husband is okay with it.

    driving in a car alone, hmmmm, yes bliss. but i have to imagine that i am not in my mini-van. i have to imagine i am 16 in my old 65 ford falcon. i loved that car more than my boyfriend bebo.

  13. That is hilarious.......except I cannot stand clowns...they are one of the creepiest things ever, except for birds.
    I love Dave too, wanna fight? Ha ha. He does rock though.

  14. You can have Dave, but Jack Johnson and I are like *this*. He loves me.

  15. ...Drinking milk with ice?!

    Love driving long distances {aloooone}.

    Love Dave.

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  17. I see that you have decided that MY boyfriend dave, is your boyfriend too. hmmm....I'll have to talk to him about this. :P

    there is NOTHING better than driving to the sounds of that glorious man.


  18. I too am a HUGE Daveanatic. And I agree there is nothing like driving alone in the old minivan cranking up a little Dave....helps me stay sane.