Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Guess the baby

I don't really expect anyone to guess correctly... even the relatives have had a bit of trouble.
I just wanted to see what all of our girls looked like on the same blanket at the same age.
So who's who?

Baby One

Baby Two

Baby Three


  1. Lucy, Janey, Halley...nailed it!!! -Alicia

  2. Lulu, Janey and Halley!:) I thought it was pretty easy, but maybe I am wrong?? I did not look at the others answer until now. Are we all wrong? Lori

  3. I am way too new to your blog to even try...LOL
    Just found you tonite thanks to Chronicles of a Mommy. (I was looking for the Cora's Playground button code. So glad you have it!)
    One of my dear friends just lost her baby, Tuesday, right before little Cora passed as well and I am just so sad for all of these families...and so so tired of cancer :(
    Thank you for doing what you are doing! I bought a whole bunch of things for Cora :)
    Most sincerely, Debi

  4. Lucy, Janey, Halley. It helped that Janey was the only one laying quietly. :) and Halley looks just the same.

  5. 1. Lulu, 2. Janey Jae, 3. Halley girl

  6. I for sure think number 2 is Janey but don't know for sure on the others. What a great idea. I did a similar thing but I took pictures of them in my favorite swing and they were a bit older.

  7. #3 HAS to be Halley. My first instinct was #1 was Janey and #2 was Lucy. but I keep wavering. I guess I will say #1 Lucy, #2 Janey #3 Hallye.

  8. i am guessing baby #2 is Janey, you say she is the happiest...  baby #2 looks thr happiest!

  9. I don't even know your children, but love the photos. What a cute idea!

    (And I love the names. We have three girls too and all three end with "ee" sound, one of them Lucy.)

  10. 1-Halley
    Is there a prize for this???? :)
    I think you have us spoiled!

  11. Lucy

    I'm guessing on the first two. Janey's picture has great lighting. So I'm thinking from the time you had Lucy to Janey you've mastered your camera and the lighting :)

    and duh the third there is no doubt that is Halley!

  12. I'm thinking Lucy, Janey, Halley. Your girls have the cutest names!

  13. love a game! i say 2nd, janey, then 1st. Sorry I don't know your older girls' names (well, i know them, just not always who's who). what a great idea with the blanket! -Jennifer

    ps - Janey is a total freebie after that photo backdrop tutorial!

  14. I have only recently started reading your blog (btw I love it!), so I am probably way off!

  15. I am guessing Janey is #2 - becuase she is the one not crying!!

  16. I guess, Lucy 1, Janey 2, and Halley 3...they are all so beautiful! Good Job!!


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