Meet the McClenahans.
They are walking a road that no one should have to walk.

Their sweet daughter lost her brave yet quick battle to cancer last week.
Just shy of her first birthday.

Although I have never met this amazing family, their story,
their pain,
their faith,
inspired me to do something.
Anything to help.
When the situation is helpless.
When there are no words.

So I went to my sewing machine.
My comfort.
I sewed.
And sewed.
I thought I could make a few flower pins and headbands and give the
proceeds to the playground they are building in her honor.

What I didn't expect was the overwhelming response.
The amount of people who wanted to help.
To create something.
In Cora's honor.

So we banded together.
An army of moms.
Of crafters.

To serve a cause bigger than ourselves.
To use our talents in a small way to make a big difference.

Today is the launch of The Cora Playground Etsy project.
Over fifty shops donating their time, their love, their creations.
To help a sweet family who many of us have never met,
but have changed our lives and our hearts forever.

Please take a look here to see the listings.
Know that your purchase will send love to Kansas.
It will help build a legacy.
A playground for generations of children to enjoy.
A legacy for a beautiful girl who's time on earth was too short.


  1. Julie,
    That is too sweet for you to do that. I know her family must appreciate your kindness and generosity.

  2. this is lovely julie.
    this is so beautifully said. it is perfect.

  3. you are a wonderful writer! thank you for sharing this family's story with all of us. the cora paige launch is amazing!

  4. Beautiful tribute to baby Cora. Thank you for organizing this. You have a lovely heart.

  5. You said this perfectly and you did an amazing thing to honor Cora. I've already made a few purchases for this but I am going to head over and see all of the new lovlies to benefit the playground. It just warms my heart the things we are able to do if we band together. Amazing job!

  6. Beautiful post.
    Thanks for all you've done in this.
    You are such a kind wonderful loving person!

  7. Thank you so much for putting this together!
    Had you not shared this story on your blog I never would've known about sweet little Cora & her family. God is so good and it's amazing to see how His people respond to lift each other up in their times of need.
    I got a little teary reading about how many people have offered up their goods to help build the playground. It feels good to be able to help in this teeny tiny way.

  8. Thank you Julie.

    Thank you for allowing God to use you to unite people in this effort. People WANT to help and many didn't know how, and you've given a way.

  9. Hey J-You have such a sweet heart. I am so happy to call you my friend.

    I was not able to make something to include...the deadline came too fast, however, I did buy a whole bunch of stuff today. We will have to remember to pray for this family often. Little Cora will always be remembered.

  10. Thanks for this post. Thanks for sharing. So sad, but it feels good to do something to help.

  11. Julie,
    It was you that started this whole amazing project!! Thanks for your inspiration :)

  12. i read cora's story. it is heartbreaking. her parent's dependency on Christ is a testimony.
    may God go before and behind them, show Himself to them, bless and keep them.

    there are many beautiful pieces at etsy to choose from.

    it is beautiful to see a community of crafters/moms ban together for something bigger than yourselves, to see you use your gifts and talent for God's glory.

  13. hey I would love to put the items that are in my etsy shop up for sell to help with this! Just email me at gypsymermaidshoppe at and let me know what I need to do. this truely touched my heart as well! big mermaid hugs


  14. I just ordered something from the Etsy page. What a great cause. Thank you for doing this for Cora's family.

  15. What you are doing is amazing. I have had Cora's family in my heart for weeks and making some homemade purchases is the least I can do!

    And I love your creativity. Gorgeous blog.

  16. My doll did not make the deadline. She needs clothes still, so I will be staying up tonight to get her listed. I did get an Etsy shop open, nothing in it yet though. Thank you for organizing this. I can not get this sweet little girl out of my head. Her family is constantly in my prayers.

  17. Julie, you are such an inspiration and have such a kind heart. I wish there were more people like you in this world.

  18. Thank YOU for organizing this beautiful project. I am humbled to be part of it to honor such a sweet little girl.


  19. Julie,
    I have to tell you, this is awesome. I purchased one of your messy flower pins & a headband when you first started with this project...what an amazing thing it has grown into!

    I enjoyed reading your blog and plan to visit again, soon.

  20. I would love to help. I just need to think of something that I can make. Please send me information.

  21. i would love to contribute. please contact me, i'm willing to offer three set of bookplates for this cause, my etsy shop is:

    i can create a post on my blog as soon as i hear from you.


  22. Please let me know how I can help! I'm buying from the crafters, and I'd like to sell for Cora too!

    I'm BusyIzzyBakery and AllThingsBelle.


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  24. I just read this heartbreaking story and I want to do something to help as well. After I had my son I find I am far more sensitive to children in need and their families.This park will be a beautiful legacy for a beautiful girl whose light, sadly, carries on elsewhere.Please let me know how I can contribute.
    find me at etsy babyburrito

  25. I've been so saddened by the loss of this precious little one even though I do not know the family in person. I discovered them in the blogging world and I saw Cora's name on Etsy and didn't think it could be the same person. Checked it out and found out it was. Glad to hear about this. I have an item in my shop for her now.

  26. I will gladly donate the sale of an item or items to for this playground. Please let me know how I do this.

  27. read the story for the 1st time today and I too am an ETSY seller and have joined you in this! Thank you for organizing such a blessing!

  28. Hello! I have children & this story just touched my life! I'd also like to support this cause by purchasing from others & donating some of my items in my shop to go for the memory of this precious child!
    Please let me know how I can go about donating/listing items.
    Thank you!