I had two goals for the night...

Make sure Jason wasn't tortured and to hear at least one of my favorite songs.
Both goals were brilliantly exceeded.
A quick pre-show dinner at Pei Wei.  Spicy goodness.
Lovey, love, love the self portrait feature on the iPhone 4.  How cute are we walking into the venue?
Our seats were better than decent.  They played a beautiful combination of songs from the new album, some crowd favorites, a few obscure treasures and covers.  I only heard one of my five that I was hoping for, but I have spent the last few weeks studying the setlists and figuring out my statistical odds of hearing each one.  That's the problem when a band has so many great songs.  There is not enough time in the world to play them all.  Especially since many of the songs turned into 13 minute jam sessions.

The best part, Jason wasn't tortured.  In fact about two songs in, he was completely won over.  He marveled at the crazy musical skills of each person on stage.  How could he not?  It is insanity.
I have a feeling that my husband has a new boyfriend.  

Somehow I will have to survive 2011 without them as they take a much needed break.
See you in 2012, my love.  


  1. Ahhh yes... I haven't had a date with Dave since 2006! and I need one too!

  2. two reasons you may hate me:

    1)i could very well bump into dear dave while grocery shopping. :) doug has regularly helped his band mates out at Target.

    2) i was ten feet from the stage when I saw him last on New Years Eve...best concert ever!

    glad your hubby is a new convert. :)

  3. So, won't you share?? Which 5 are your favorite?

  4. I have heard that each song last forever with amazing improv... that is just incredible to me. I've never seen them live, but just the ability to freestyle like that. So impressive!

  5. ah! looks like such fun! :) smiles, gina

  6. I've been thinking the same thing. I had to wait 7 YEARS for him to come less than 5 hours from me. It was worth the wait...but listen here, Mr. Dave(myboyfriendinmyhead) Matthews, you'd better come see me again when you're off of hiatus.

    Oh, and my other boyfriend (the real life one) has joked with me for years and years about how painful Dave is to his ears. Blasphemy, I know....so he gets about two songs in and I see hip shaking and toe tapping...Yep, he's hooked. He's burned all my cd's and listens to them all.the.time now.

    Not that I mind!

  7. Would it make you jealous if I told you I got to have a date with Dave at a coffee shop in Charlottesville, VA....totally unexpected and totally amazing??? :)

  8. and i haven't been to dave in over 4 years but between 2000-2003... 13 concerts. consider me a dave lover.

  9. What a fantastic date night! I made your Salted Caramel Cupcakes over the weekend and they were fantastic!!! I just blogged about them and linked to you. Love your blog :)

  10. At my last Dave concert he finally played my favorite song. It was a 15 minute version and I stood and sang and danced the whole time. At one point I could swear he was just playing for me, really I mean it :)

  11. my musical bf = billy joel. sad, right? SO sad. but i just can't break up with him.

  12. Wait...Jason had never been to a Dave concert?!?! What?!?! So glad he loved it (how could he not...it is Dave!) I need a Dave concert fix, I haven't been to one in 4 years! My next dave concert will be #11! I love me some Dave!

  13. agree:
    That's the problem when a band has so many great songs.

    all my CA friends were there... what's better than the hollywood bowl? oh, dave at the hollywood bowl!!!

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