A journey starts with a single step, right?
Does a craft fair booth start with a single item?
I am really hoping so.

I am crazy excited to be a part of what is sure to be a handmade fabulous day.
Mique of 30 Handmade Days and Jessica of Allora Handmade are hosting The Queen Bee Market, and I simply cannot wait.

To shop,
to meet the other fabulous vendors,
to shop, 
and to shop.
Maybe sell a thing or two while I am at it.
You know, to justify the shopping.

But to sell anything, first I have to make something.
So today, I sat down while my boyfriend sang to me, and created item numero uno.

In my crazy mind it is the first of many.
But my crazy mind does not always match up with my crazy reality.
Either way, I suggest you mark your calendars for May 1st.
Come and shop with me.
It is going to be brilliant.
The question is, will my booth is overflowing with handmade happiness, or rolling with tumbleweeds?
That remains to be seen.


  1. Why do you and this fabulous craft fair have to be so far away? Boo. Your booth will overflow with handmade goodness, I know it! Take lots of pictures please!!

  2. Is that some Nicey Jane? I just bought tons and am making several dresses LOVE it!!!! Your creation is beautiful. Do I see some surging going on? CUTE CUTE CUTE...

  3. Oh, and it looks so cute (and we cannot even see it all) Oh, happiness. Love that you are going to do some clothing. (At least that is what is looks like to me) And you have a serger? No fair. Someday, someday. I keep telling myself that. :) I seriously wish I was going to be there. But, maybe my budget wouldn't like it so much. Glad you were able to get and idea of what you wanted to do. SO FUN! Cannot wait to see more. Sounds like it was a good day.

  4. I meant serging... I really did...

  5. Good for you!

    Having enough stuff to fill a booth is so overwhelming to me I usually quit and just watch tv.

  6. Please tell me that you just made a dress with an attached apron. Because I think I have prayed for you to make one since forever. I wish it wasn't May 1st...looks like I need to reschedule my calendar...

  7. I am having a similar problem. I have a trunk show coming up in June, and it seems like any time I sit down to work on my trunk show items I get interrupted by a child. So far I have 7 jumpers for my trunk show. Seven. I'm just praying that my kids get less needy between now and then!

  8. you have a serger? what kind? I so want one! But scarrred to buy one & stuff..that looks wicked cute! I so wish I lived in Cali! I'd go to that handmade fair! Esp, since my birthday is may 3rd! :) Love everything!

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  10. I'm so sad I'm going to be out of town! Have lots of fun!

  11. That is so adorable! U make me seriously want to move to Cali from Ohio!

  12. Julie- we are so so so so so happy to have you and your goodness at the market. Sorry if I have stressed you out to the max (did that just make me sound someone stuck in the 80s or what?) Hang in there- it'll be worth it. Love you!!! Cafe Rio on me when all is said and done.;)
    xoxo Mique (and Jess too)

  13. ohhh soooo pretty. can;t wait to see more:)

  14. OMG. Go figure. I live in Carlsbad, and am leaving town this weekend! I will MISS it! Dangit.
    But. Have a blast - and I am SURE you'll have too many peeps in your booth to count!

  15. From the looks of the cute little pic it looks fabulous! I love the colors. Hope you have fun with your shoppe and I am sure there will be more than tumbleweeds, if only tumbleweeds I've seen people paint them and stack them into cute southwestern snow men...lol

  16. I'm planning on coming and I'm so excited to actually meet in person some of the people that I feel like I already know!

    See you there...I'll be the mom with her 2 crazy kids running in opposite directions!


  17. Oh my. I would so be there. But living on the complete opposite side of the country - and having to buy a plane ticket would certainly not justify the shopping. :(

    ...and, excuse me, but the 'ad' for the queen bee market is stunning. Honestly. The colors. FONTS! I could seriously frame that thing.

  18. i love it....whatever it is...it's fab-u-lous.

  19. I LOVE your blog! Your family is seriously like candy I could eat! So cute!!!!

    I'm a new follower! I noticed in a picture you posted the other day...that your a fan of Le Creuset...well....I have a FREE giveaway for one! Come by and check it out! Your gonna LOVE It!

  20. oh I wish I could come!!!!!!!! so many invites to San Diego and we are just too darn busy over here in LA to break away.

    best of luck...I doubt there will be tumbleweeds...unless of course, you make some out of ribbon and pom poms...and then for sure someone would buy them. Because if anyone could sew a beautiful tumbleweed, my guess is it would be you.

  21. So wishing I was going to shop and sell with you! Instead I'll be at home with my two bum feet. Bummer!
    Hope you make and sell a ton! And buy lots of fun handmade goodies!

  22. I'm SO excited about Queen Bee Market and I'm SO excited to meet you on May 1st! I better start saving my nickels and dimes to buy some of that fantabulous stuff!

  23. CUTE CUTE! Question...I just got a serger and I was wondering do you have to sew the seams on that adorable skirt and then serge them? Clearly I am a newbie and have no idea what I am doing!