When I bought The Pioneer Woman Cooks, I thought for a minute how fun it would be to do a little Julie & Julia project.

Exactly the same thing that 300 million other bloggers thought.

Although her pico de gallo and guacamole have changed my life...
(I used to think that I made the best guac ever.  Nope.  She does.)
It contains quite a few red meat dishes in there.
Me, being a recovering vegetarian, who has major texture issues with red meat, I just didn't see myself making it through. 
So instead I am doing my own, very doable project.
Julie & Meg, if you will.

{my pot much prefers it's new home to it's old one.}

I am nearly through the recipes and one by one, they don't disappoint.
Easy, family friendly, quick and cozy meals, with simple, normal ingredients.

Even the dramatic children, who hate food, seem to oblige me with a few more bites than normal, before breaking into tears and faking stomach aches.

Mind you, I have tried a handful of these recipes first hand, cooked by Meg herself.
Feel free to be jealous.
I would totally be jealous of myself too, if that was possible.

My current fave is the cozy Cheesy Potato Soup.
It is dreamy.

But don't get me started on the Chicken Enchiladas...
Because I won't stop.
My dear, beautiful friend, cilantro.  How I love thee.

You can find the recipes here.
I only have two left.
I know they will be fabulous.

It is impossible to pick a favorite. 
They are all that good.
For reals.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE PW!!!!!! She is so freaking awesome!!!!!! Love that new pot of yours too!!!!

  2. Ummmm
    So funny you posted this today.
    I made PW chicken enchilada's with her homemade ranch dressing and iceberg wedges AND her French (screw-up my diet) puffs
    ALL TODAY!!! I was making dinner for another family too...
    I have now made Meg's Baked French toast for company breakfast everytime we have guests..(I use cinnamon swirl bread, and add pecans to half) I have ALWAYS been asked for the recipe.

    I can't wait to see you do this. She is the BEST!

  3. Well I mean all three of you are the besterest (My own word)
    Meg, PW, and of course you Julie!

  4. Why.....hello.

    I met you through my friend Kimmie-- and I'm starting to become obsessed.

    Are you worried?

    I know right. I would be too.

    Anyways, now that I know you like PW too.... it's official. I'm a stage 5 clinger.

    Get ready for it.


  5. My favorite Meg recipe...the rainbow cake and the baked french toast...delish.

    My two favorite blogs...can't wait to see it!

  6. How fun. I am going to see Megan tomorrow. Wish you could meet us for lunch too. When are you going to show us that beautiful turquoise kitchen?

  7. The mexican chicken recipe brings back some college memories (some 17 years ago, yikes) One of my housemates would make mexican chicken in secret never letting us know what was in the casserole. My girlfriend and I rummaged thru the trash one night to piece together the ingredients. (yes it is that good) Only difference from pioneer woman is to use mexican velvetta, harder to find, and dorritos for the chips. Would be to spicy for the kiddos but yummy for the adults!

  8. SO FUN!! And don't you just love the movie julie and julia!? I've tried a few of PW's recipes and you're right... each one is to DIE for! Don't even get me started on her cinammon rolls! mmm delish!
    I think I'm going to copy you and go through each one of her recipes...fab idea!

  9. How fun!!! I have made several of Meg's and PW's recipes too and you are so right, they never disappoint. Yummy, easy and family pleasing... what more could you ask for?

  10. I have only made a very few, but maybe I need to try a few more. You are making me hungry. Just saying. And wishing for a fun pot like that one. For some reason it is just saying happiness to me. I think your choice of kitchen color is too.

  11. Julie I will love you for FOREVER for that link! The mint brownies.... OMG!!! We have those at a little tea shop here called The Womans Exchange. Not only do they have the best salads in the history of salads, they also have mint brownies that literally melt in your mouth. They are orgasmic, LOL Anyway, now I have to make those and see if they are as good because $7.25 for 2 brownies gets to be pretty expensive ;)

  12. i so agree about her recipes! they are perfect for a normal family. i've made her rainbow cupcakes, blender pancakes, cresent chicken, & stuffed shells. We've loved every recipe. We actually had the stuffed shells tonight...so stinkin' good!

  13. you are awesome julie. :)
    what an incentive to get cooking and put some more up there....cause i have more.
    hmmm...what will i make tomorrow? i am going to do it!

  14. I heart PW. I got her cookbook for xmas. You must try her chicken spaghetti. YUM.
    And, I agree, Meg has the BEST recipes. Her chicken enchiladas are hands down the best mexican dish I have EVER, EVER made. Yay for Meg!

  15. oh, the cream puff dessert. what a delight it is to make AND eat!

  16. I have coked almost all Meg's recipes too! Actually more than once! They are g-o-o-d! And easy, which is always nice!

  17. yep. PW rocks...but, I think that has pretty much been established. I make everything she posts -- and, everything has been fabulous. :D

    and. yep. I wanted to do a 'julie & julia' thing too...was going to pick one of my cookbooks & make everything in it. (I'm yet to do so).

    p.s. yes, that lovely blue flame is much better suited for your lovely, turquoise le creuset.

  18. I've tried several of Meg's recipes. My family loves them. I just got PW's cookbook at the library, I can't wait to give a few recipes a try.

    PS-I love the aqua pot-one of my favorite colors!

  19. Love PW too. I don't have her cookbook yet {vegetarian here}. ;) Love the pot... Cutie blog!!

  20. I've made a few of Meg's recipes as well. The Cresent Chicken is our current family favorite, tastes so homey and almost like potpie if you add some frozen mixed veggies before you bake!

    Here's a link to my blog the night my daughter and I made Meg's Enchiladas!

  21. Funny you mentioned Julie and Julia... I wanted to do a 365 of something on my blog and I chose housekeeping... I am sure my fam likes clean socks but they would probably like *good* dinner better. I have the PW cookbook... I just need to OPEN it! I am also checking out your link ;)

  22. Oh BTW I did make Meg's rainbow cake last year it was a HUGE hit... try it ;)