Two wells!!!
Two villages, hundreds of lives.
Thank you.
For supporting.
Beyond what we could ever have imagined.
Way, way beyond.
What a happy, happy day.

I am currently obsessed with making pillowcases.
Perfect Christmas present.
Much more useful than some forgettable toy.

Besides, my random daughter asked Santa for a squirrel pillow.
And blanket.
I don't think it gets much more random.
Good thing that Santa can sew.

Here is little Miss Random.
I love this silly kid.
Pulling faces in the mirror while I mess around with my new camera.
(A delightful, extravagant birthday gift from my sweet husband.)
The one that I have NO CLUE how to use.
I have been pouring over each and every Momtog post and having an all around fantastic time learning and trying to force myself to shoot in manual. Sometimes brilliantly. Sometimes... not so much.

This is how we are spending our California Christmas.

Somehow the girls are convinced that come Friday morning we will have snow. All of the holiday movies are basically false advertising. Anyone want to send me some? I hear you East Coasters have a few inches to spare...

I found a new use for one of my Scarf Along skinnies.
Absolutely perfect for keeping my wild baby
from bumps and bruises during a little photo shoot.
It worked perfectly. Plus it matched to boot.

Hope you all are having a happy week.

Isn't it truly the most wonderful season of all?


  1. great news about the water(wells).
    we're also on the east coast (but of South Africa) and are enjoying our holidays in the pool. (storms forecast for tonight tho)
    hope you learn to use your new camera soon.
    Have an awesome, super-blessed Christmas, Julie!

  2. How amazing are you, this project, all who participated, and most of all who donated?!

    Job *WELL* done, hahaha!
    Happy Holidays Julie!

  3. Amazing on the wells... fabulous. Pillowcases. Thanks for the idea as a party favor for my daughters pretend sleepover party. Better get on that. Have a very blessed christmas. I need some of that snow too. But for me, not the kids. :)

  4. ia have about 20 inches if you want some!! Have a great Christmas!

  5. Very happy about the 2 water wells!! IT IS A M A Z I N G!!! What a great Christmas gift for us and for them.

    You got a new camera and an slr!! What did you go with? I went with an older model Canon Rebel. I just got mine in the mail yesterday and am having a lot of fun with it. I have a feeling I’m going to be reading the Momtog blog now on a regular basis too. ;) It has been awhile since I’ve played around with different settings on a slr.

    The skinny scarf-hold a baby in a chair invention is brilliant! Love the pillowcase idea too! Although I’m still a bit intimidated by making pillowcases; made a set for hubby back in the day without a pattern and it took me a whole day to make them…. ;)

    And I wish I could send you guys some snow, we have LOTS of it sitting around. Sounds like it is going to be an icy Christmas around here, we might have to delay travel plans and Christmas due to the storm.

    Have a Blessed Christmas Julie! :)

  6. such a happy post! pillowcases?! brilliant.
    i need to take some time this christmas break to make a 2010 christmas file and this idea would be in it! love it.

  7. 2 wells?! Wow. God is GOOD!!

    Definitely no white Christmas here in Florida. I have actually never seen snow....I know. Sad.
    And, it would be nice if it could be slightly cold...ok - I'll settle for "cool" on Christmas!!

  8. Where in the world did you get the fabric for that pillow case? So CUTE!

    Have a very Merry Christmas, I will be praying that your girls get some snow!

  9. hah! i love how she's tied down :)

  10. It IS the most wonderful season! And we'd be more than happy to send you some snow!!
    Praise God for the well project and how expectations were so exceeded. Beyond awesome!!

  11. What an amazing goal to have accomplished. I am just so thrilled!
    Merry Christmas!

  12. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, especially when you focus on what is really important.

    Congratulatiosn on a job well done! (no pun intended) I donated yesterday but forgot to comment. Ooops! At least I helped in a small way. :)

  13. My heart is so happy with thoughts of Project 320! Oh, and I love that she loves squirrels!!

  14. I am jealous of your Christmas tree soap. My dish has a dirty bar of Lever in it. I feel so inadequate.

    Merry Christmas!!!! FInding your blog this year has been a blessing!


  15. What wonderful news on the wells!! You amazing girls who pulled it all together, the amazing girls who donated their crafty goodness and the amazing people who so kindly donated money.

    YAY for a fun new camera! How exciting is that? What kind is it? You know I'm curious!! :) And I can NOT believe you guys are still swimming! Holy moly! We haven't swam since the end of August or September!!

    If I don't chat with you, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  16. YEAH!!! Oh, I am just so so sooo happy to hear you made it to two wells. Oh, how joyful. I just cannot believe it. Really,that is an amazing Christmas present right there. It is amazing how the Lord can work.

    Love all your fun christmas fun too. Yea for a cool new camera. My husband and I just got one as a joint birthday present too from his parents. it is manuel as well. I am quickly trying to learn it too before we head to a wedding for his brother. It has been fun. Merry Christmas! Enjoy your family and friends and I hope your little girl gets that pillow and blanket she wants. (that is too cute that that is what she wants!)

  17. I am so in awe of what you were able to accomplish with those wells. I love hearing things like this because it reminds me that there is so much more good in this world than we give people credit for. Congratulations on being able to take your incredible talents and using them in a way that God intended them for! Oohh it just makes me happy!

  18. Your Lulu is so flippin cute I can't stand it, and I kind of want an entire wardrobe for my Lulu made out of the hula girl fabric - to die for cute!!

    I'm so in awe over the TWO wells!! God is great!


  19. LOVE the idea of tying her down...i wish you would have shared that idea like 3 years ago! I am going to use that trick in the future!
    And, thank you for letting me be a part of Project 320. Your heart is amazing. God has used you in big ways.
    Merry, Merry CHRISTmas!!!

  20. I've coveted the fabric in that pillowcase for some time now. I have a thing for huladancers. I wish I was more crafty.