Hello fashionistas!
Ready to get skinny?
Let's sew.

Take your scarf and your pins.
Fold the scarf in half, right sides together.
Pin every rectangle or so.
You could iron it in half first, but really, who wants extra ironing?

For this scarf you are going to leave both the top and the bottom open.
Take the top corner where the raw edges meet and line them up with the right edge of the foot.
Sew a 1/2 inch seam all the way down the scarf stopping at the end.

When you come to where the two pieces of fabric meet, be sure that the seams are laying flat and open on both the top and the bottom of the fabric.
Bunchy seams equal bunchy scarves.

Clip your threads and get a big safety pin.
Pin the pin on one of the folded down edges.

Stuff the pin inside the scarf.
Keep pushing the pin down and scrunching the fabric inside itself.
After a while the scarf will suddenly be right side out.

Almost there!

Fire up your hot steamy iron and place your scarf on the cute ironing board.
Carefully iron it flat and even with the seam to one side.

Cut trim to the rough size of the opening.
I wanted 3 pom poms so I am going to make it work even though they are a bit bigger than the opening.
Two would not cut it.
Set aside the two trim pieces.

In the middle of the scarf, line up one of the edges with the right side of the foot.
Change your stitch length to 4 o 5.
Move your needle over as far right as it will go.

This is called topstitching.
It makes the scarf stay together, closes the openings, secures the trim and adds overall cuteness.
Who doesn't love overall cuteness?

Stitch a few stitches, backstitch, keep stitching towards the end of the scarf.

When you are a few inches from the end stop.
Pull the needle down into the fabric to secure it.

Stuff in your trim.
I turned under the edges, smooshed it a bit and poof.
Three pom poms.

Now continue stitching to the corner.
Roll the needle down.
Lift up the foot.
Turn the fabric.
Put down the foot.
Sew along the trim side.
Stop at the corner.

Then sew up the other edge.
Stop and turn at the corners.
Meet up where you started.

This skinny scarf will get you through bad hair days, bring a pop of color to your dreary winter days and last you well into spring.


You can pick up your diplomas and report cards after class.
Each of you get a gold star and an A+++!


  1. I am doing both versions. Can't wait!

  2. Oh...I wish I could sew!
    I do I do~
    sandy toe

  3. It stays rather warm in Atlanta, so I'll be tuning my friends in to skinny scarf fashionistas! I only wish I was staying in town for the holidays...just so I could complete all my scarves.

    Thanks so much Julie for introducing me to my new favorite hobby!!!

  4. I am so in love with all of tHe different colors of zebra print you find!

  5. Oh I'm so excited to get going on mine. I haven't had time yet, but have part of this holiday weekend set aside to get my sew on and make up some pretty new scarves. Thanks for this awesome tutorial. I can't wait!

  6. So very cute. I love the fringe at the bottom. I would scarf along but there are quilts to be done :) The tutorial is great and easy to follow! Good for beginning stitchers!

  7. What a cute project oh I so wish I could so too.

    I might just have to take a try at this one though.

  8. I have to admit that I started the scarf project during week one but then it sat, untouched, since then. But hooray.. I finished one skinny scarf tonight. I love it!!!