I know it's not New Year's yet...
but it is never too early to start.
1. Make friends with the manual settings on my camera.
2. Make friends with Photoshop.

(both are very scary and a little bit unfriendly.
bring on the challenge!)

Notice my new little watermark?

After reading this post from LilBlueBoo and dealing with paranoia, I asked sweet Marina from Penny Lane Designs (who is a superstar and is brewing some fun things up for this little blog come 2010...) to make me one. I have no clue how I got it on this picture... thus the resolution to wrap my head around the beast that is PS. I took a class right after Janey was born and the post baby sleep depravation coupled with my not so rad A.D.D. did not fare well for my hopes of retaining any knowlege.

Why didn't they have Photoshop classes in the dark ages when I went to college and actually had an attention span???

Not fair.

Time machine please!


  1. Oh I'm right there with ya! Both are scary to me too!

    Love the watermark :)

  2. Beautiful picture. Okay, you learn photoshop, and then give us a tutorial! :)

  3. Love both of them! Just when I was feeling cozy and comfy with Photoshop I had PC issues and had to switch software. I'm now using Paint.net and having to re-learn some things.....makes life interesting how things can't always just be easy!

  4. hey, quick question... this is a real question I'm really not trying to be difficult or anything but if someone steals the picture off your blog what's gonna keep them from cropping or photoshopping your watermark out? is there a way to keep the pictures from being copied at all?

  5. PS isn't all that scary just play with a bit. Check out the PS for dummies book and just do one thing at a time. You will be a pro in NO time!

    Launa - you are right, there is nothing keeping people from stealing your stuff and cropping or PS the watermark out (yep you can do that with PS if you are good) If you are posting pix and want to best protect them, put your watermark over the main portion of the photo or in a section that when cropped to a normal size (4x5, 8x10) it would still be in the photo.

    oh and for the record, my hubby is the professional photographer and I AM still scared of the manual mode on my camera :)

  6. Hey...those are MY resolutions too ;) My camera is ALWAYS on auto.

    I didn't want to scare you with my post! Just wanted to answer the question ;)

    Also, there is no way to keep people from stealing a photo....fancy html doesn't keep someone from taking a screenshot. I put my watermark pretty large on photos to "DETER" people from taking the ones of my daughter and family...but sure someone might take one and crop it...but I figure it is a few extra steps they are going to have to take.....I at least feel like the watermark sends a message to any scary people out there: DON'T take my daughter's photo....or I'll HUNT you down and I WILL find you ;)

    Loved the photos you sent of your kiddos in the dresses by the way!

  7. You will soon be so fluent in PS you will wonder what you were so scared of!
    I only have a camera with auto settings, as I prefer candid shots, and memories that you can't pose for.(that's my excuse hehe)
    hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas, Julie

  8. btw. watermarks can't protect, but Jesus' Blood can...just pray over your websharing :-)

  9. I hear you on the learning those 2 things and not being able to remember things too. I took a Photoshop class over a year and a half ago and I can’t remember the step by step instructions for things as much now. I was probably the only weirdo that took notes in the class because-heck I was actually taking the class to learn and not just to get credit to graduate. But still some of my notes aren’t the best, and we didn’t go over everything, but we did tutorials in the class almost every night and that taught me to look up tutorials when I want to figure stuff out to do a new or old technique. Just the other day went here quick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o63NXr_tXI to change a photo’s background-was quick and painless. I used to read the tutorials, but I’m such a visual learner that watching a video helps me ten times more than reading. I love Photoshop, but it does take time to learn and I know I still have a lot to learn but I actually enjoy it. I let our son-who is 6, mess around in Photoshop too and he has taught me a thing or two already!! I think he is going to be pretty good with computers when he gets to be my age.

    As far as copying photos, I used to put my web address over everything but I think it took away from my photos. I just didn’t like the look compared to all the other photos on blogs that looked so great without the watermark. Now I just sign them and call it good. If someone really wants a photo they are going to take it. Even if you make it so someone can’t right click and save, where there is a will there is a way, it can be done. I really don’t care if people copy my photos; actually it makes me feel good that they like my photography. They are more likely to remember who they got the photo/s from though because I sign them…unless they crop it of course. ;) The only problem I have with people copying my photo is…if I find out they sell it and make a ton of money off of it. All of my photos though that I post are shrunk in size, so I can always prove that I am the original owner because of resolution, so I guess that is another reason I don’t worry about the copying thing either…they don’t have the best photo, I do. ;)

    I am in the process of getting something going as far as selling my photography online…it is well overdue. Hopefully, I can eventually make a living out of it; oh wouldn’t that be the day!?

    Anyhow, love the photo you posted! You’ve got an eye girl! :)

    P.S. There is a thank you to ALL that participated in project 320 from ME! http://swirlsofcreativity.blogspot.com/2009/12/give-until-theres-nothing-left.html

  10. Love the watermark - I am really going to have to work out how to do it. Wishing you and yours a great Christmas.

  11. beautiful picture julie! Happy Christmas and hope you have a wonderful new year

  12. Wow... Thanks you all for the great info on watermarks, photos and all that good stuff!
    Crazy world out there!
    Carol-just keep praying, huh?! Love being reminded of that!

  13. Yikes, now I am paranoid about not having a watermark on my pics....I should probably do that. That will be one of my new years resolutions.
    And, it is okay to be scared of your camera, I am still scared of mine. Did you get the email I sent you about it a few days ago?
    And, photoshop will change your life. for reals!

  14. ya, sooo scary! before i can get photoshop, i have to get a hard drive to fit ALL MY PICTURES! yikes!

    i keep my camera on auto as keeping track of 5 kids and capturing their cuteness IN FOCUS is my priority for now...I can take photos of my grandkids in manual one day! ha ha!