Go ahead. Laugh.
But if you went to high school in the early 90's
I bet you rocked a similar version of awful.
Don't you think that the red pickup truck
just makes it all the more fabulous?
Or is it the clear braces?

But at least I did have a time in my life
where I didn't have to buy my blonde.
(phrase stolen from Erin. Brilliant.
Side note... have you seen her pictures? Insane.)

So maybe I made some bad clothing, makeup, jewelry, boyfriend decisions...
but honestly, I would go back to high school in A SECOND.
I'm weird like that.
I loved every single minute of it.
Every one.

I especially love to laugh on the inside, while being super sweet and understanding on the outside, when high school students tell me how stressed they are. Or how hard life is. How they can't wait to get out of there and start their lives.


I just listen. Encourage. Bite my tongue when all I want to say is:
Being an adult is HARD.
Being an adult is STRESSFUL.
Being 16 is RAD.

Because they will learn soon enough.
They will laugh at my picture.
My dress.
My makeup.

But fifteen years down the road, they will be laughed at too.
Especially if they wear some Bella-inspired disaster.

Who has a time machine I can borrow?


  1. Julie, you're gorgeous!!

    And I am past due on buying my blonde!

  2. I am totally with you. I loved High School. It was fun, drama, fun, and so much more carefree then being an adult. Ahhh, if only those High Schoolers knew. But, they don't. I guess that is life right? We often long for something we don't have. That is why I really do try to love every stage I am in. Some that is harder than others, but I don't want to look back wishing I had loved this stage better when I was there. Glad you are a good listener. Those high schoolers are lucky to have you as a friend!

  3. I love it and the color of your dress. Ahhh... those 16 year olds today will soon wish they could go back... Glad you enjoyed highschool. I did too.

  4. You had gorgeous hair (I'm sure you still do).

  5. I love the pic! No laughing involved! ")

    Your hair is beautiful for early 90's -- at least you don't have THE BANGS.

    You know what I'm talking about.

    I'm glad there is someone out there who would like to go back. PSH! Not me, not EVER.

  6. Girl, you were beautiful...what in the world are you talking about? :)

  7. I think you look pretty and I love your hair! :)
    I went to high school during that same time period and loved it too! (But I wouldn't want to go back) You should host a "prom picture party" here. I still have my prom dress but don't think I could get one thigh in it now!

  8. A picture from a magazine! You're beautiful and still are!!!!

    Hey, I'm a product of the 80's.....I won't even post a picture from back then! eeek!


    I'm going to assume that you are NOT referring to "Bella" as in a Disney Princess ;)


  9. Oh you're so pretty! Love the long curly hair - its back in style, didn't you know!?

    And I currently HAVE clear braces - and I'm 29! Geez! Fingers crossed they get to come off in February!

  10. I wore that exact same dress to my Jr. prom. Fun times.

  11. LOVE IT Julie! Love how real you are!!

  12. How perdy! And I loved high school too! Even though God has changed me for the better since then - I remember it with laughter and craziness!!! Fun picture!! I am off to buy me some blonde!

  13. I would take that hair!! Anyday... You are so beautiful! no matter the decade!

  14. Dang, I missed all that by about 10 years ;)


  15. Julie! I wish I looked half as cute as you in my prom pictures! You're gorgeous now and you were gorgeous then!

  16. you look great!!

    The only way I would ever go back to HS would be to do it all over. Well until I was 16 and met my hubby :D I was a VERY BAD girl :(

  17. High school was rad.... was it the banana clip, permy do I wore? Or was it the Wet Seal floral jean ensemble that was to die for? Good times were had, care-free, no worries. Except if my bangs had the right amount of Aqua Net. Loved your picture, it took me back! :)

  18. honestly, i think you look totally cute in your h.s picture.
    and i liked highschool too. just went to my h.s reunion (blogged about it,even vlogged it!).
    i miss the days when all the stress i really had was how to get the aqua net to set my hair so it would look aw(ful)some all day!

  19. Dude, I had that exact same necklace. Wore it to several proms because I rock like that.

    You were a doll then, but you're gorgeous now!

  20. love your dress... I loved high school too! :)