Last year I had full intentions on making this dress for Halley and Lucy.
Now there is one more girl in need of a dress and a pesky thing called moving.
Repeat fail.

Good thing that I have my sweet mother.
Who I have turned into my own personal sweat shop worker.
Cranking out pants for Lulu and saving the
day when I feared another Fall would go by without new dresses.
In a way I am glad...
I love the fabrics so much more than the combos I originally planned.
Heather Bailey.
Polka dots.

So here are the assignments.
I think they will be crazy cute.
Crazy well made also.
My mom is a sewing rockstar.
She smokes my A.D.D. messy skillz...

But if you don't have a rockstar mom to save your overwhelmed self, don't fret.
I found a shop on Etsy last night with the craziest prices I have ever seen.
Marissa from CreativeBee has amazing fabric and super fun designs.
Plus she is really, really sweet.
Go take a peek. You won't be disappointed!


  1. OH MY... I clicked that link to the etsy shop and suddenly I want to dress my boys in those sweet dresses or adopt a little girl because MUST HAVE. Gorgeous.

    (Blogfriend of Erin's, found your blog through your awesome pics of her family.)

  2. Thanks for sharing another amazing etsy find. Loved the skirts and you were not kidding about affordable pricing. Good luck with the move and remember to take time out and enjoy/reflect on the chaos. :)
    A. Magers

  3. Holeeee Cow!!!!
    Can I just say that I went to her etsy site and totally walked away with one of those ADORABLE dresses..YAY!
    Thanks for sharing her with us:0)

  4. OMG! Clicked on her link...her etsy shop is fantastic! The prices are even more fantastic!!! I am so bummed I live in a cold winter state...I just might have to order some now for next summer in a bigger size :-) Thanks for the tip!!!

  5. wow! those are great prices! very cute shop~

  6. cuteness to the max and GREAT prices!!! Thanks for the linky :D

  7. Wow, you were not kidding. Those prices are amazing. Love them. I hope she sells lots!And your fabrics look pretty amazing too. That brown poka dot one is one of my favorites right now. I made a few pumpkins out of it the other night. loving it!

  8. you weren't joking...i just bought a skirt for my daughter and giggled the entire time. so affordable! and cute too.

    thanks for the tip!
    can't wait to see your girls' dresses...

  9. That etsy shop was awesome! Might have to start shopping there since I never manage to make stuff for my own family! I relate to your mom too! I felt like a sweatshop too when i was trying to make like 5 outfits b4 my friend moved to Germany! Those combos look awesome! It will be nice to get some new dresses after/during the move!

  10. Hi! Just stopping by from Eli's Lids blog. What adorable patterns and dresses! LOVE THEM! My almost-three year old daughter is in love with dresses and pinks and purples and flowers. I am expecting my third child, a girl, in December and I love your bows!!! If I can remember and have a sec, I'll have to order one or two (and maybe win one on Eli's Lids giveaway). Cool blog!