I can only say that I am awesome in a purely sarcastic way.
If I was serious that would be really annoying.

I am feeling the complete opposite of awesome.
After being extraordinarily productive for weeks upon weeks I have suddenly become quite the opposite.

I suppose the pace that I was working at,
wasn't working.

My ankle is thrashed and my back is a disaster.
So I am laying around, covered in ice packs, sad that things aren't getting done.

It is pretty hard for me to do.

I wish I liked it.
But I also wish that the laundry and cleaning elves would visit.
I wouldn't mind ordering up some sewing elves too.

This is the fabric I ordered to make the girls Autumn dresses.  I planned to sew them when I was in the mountains, but one of the prints didn't come in time.  That is why I made the fun crates instead.  So glad that I did, but then as soon as I got home it turned into crazy boutique prep mode and then Kauai.  So as December draws near, I have resigned to the fact that the dresses have failed to make themselves.

This is the sweet pattern that I intended to try from The Handmade Dress.  Yesterday I stared at it for a good hour.  I could recite it to you I suppose, but that doesn't make the sewing machine go or the scissors cut.
So as I pack the fabric back up in the cupboard, I will always have next year.  Besides, three matching dresses are even cuter than two right?

In my boo hoo, poor me, sulkiness, I stared at the calendar and realized that the girls need (not need, that I want) Christmas pinnies.  Where else do I go to find them than my most favorite pinnie shop in the world?  Lassiegirl.  Love everything about her, the shop, the fabrics, her extraordinary kindness and the Jelly Bellies that come with every order.  If I don't make it to the sewing machine before December 25th rolls around I can at least make it to the mailbox.  Much easier!

Now while I am anti-awesome,  my parents are crazy-awesome!

Look at what is on its way to our house in the next week.

My dream bunk beds are ordered.  Although the logistics of moving the girls into the same bedroom is freaking me out, the fact that they will be sleeping on the best bunk beds ever is calming me a teeny bit.  (No, I haven't started on the quilts either.  Freaking out.)

So, if you can turn back time to September 1st and sew the Autumn dresses for me that would be amazing.

Or if you have any quilting, laundry or sewing elves, send them my way.

Or, if you know anyone who wants to add a room on to our house for free, so the girls don't have to share, that would be okay with me.

Seriously, if you have any good tips about transitioning kids into one room, that would be even better.


  1. Wow! Awesome parents! We have been looking for bunkbeds for our older two, who already share a room, but stacked makes so much more sense, space wise. My husband was over my shoulder as I read your post, and said "you need to find out where that's from!" Do you have a link? :)

  2. Those bunk beds are adorable. I can't wait to see the quilty goodness you will adorn them with.

  3. You are pregnant and have 2 little girls running around, so you have a complete right to not get things done. If I had some elves, I'd love to send them your way.
    Love the bunkbeds!

  4. You are busy making a whole new person. Get back on the couch! Hee!Hee!

  5. I know those feelings my friend!! :) I think I am running around like a crazy person to get things done in case I suddenly become unable to do things...it's a vicious cycle. :)

    have no elves or tips for you...I am giving up my craft room so that the boys don't have to share. :)

    hope you are better soon! :)

  6. Julie, Thanks so much for taking the time to check that out for me. I'm definitely asking Santa for that! And thanks for the wedding praise. I'm sure yours was amazing! So, the Mac & Cheese recipe has been posted... and take a peek at the shoes below the recipe. You definitely came to mind :)

  7. Our two boys (2 1/2 and almost 4 yrs) share a room and have bunkbeds. They love them! Once your girls see their beautiful new bunkbeds, they will be excited about it too. Sometimes my boys wanted to play and talk instead of going to sleep. They eventually got used to being in the same room together and now the 2 1/2 yr old can sleep through my older son playing in his bed. We had to make room for a new baby too! Love your blog!

  8. When we put our two boys together it was much easier than we anticipated. Be encouraged, they will love it! Especially if you talk it up beforehand.

  9. If I had little elves I would send them your way wrapped up in a ribbon!! Absolutly LOVE the beds!!
    I know you have wanted them for awhile (aka your blog).

  10. I'm still trying to figure out the whole kids sharing a room thing.

    Love that fabric as well-just finished making a little reversible skirt out of it!! And I've had that Handmade Dress staring at me from my pattern collection for weeks and weeks now, but I've yet to do anything with it.

    I guess my excuse can be new baby? :)

  11. i have 4 little ones in toddler beds all in the same room! it's great! :)