Here's to keeping it real.

One month from today my age will have the number five in it.
A two unfortunately will not come before that five.

So what am I to do?

I still sometimes think that I am right out of high school, or at least college.
That maybe I am just the nanny of the wild kids that I cart around.
Perhaps that is what happened when I bought these sunglasses.

But I have an excuse.  I have worn huge sunglasses since before it was trendy to wear them.  The reason is two fold.  I have a GIANT face and head, and I  am basically a mole when I go outside in the daylight hours.  "It's too shiny!"  Is a phrase that I seem to say so often that even Lulu will bust it out on occasion.

So, right before we were leaving for Kauai, Favorite Sunglasses A went missing and Favorite Sunglasses B broke.  I had about 5 minutes before I had to pick Halley up from school and stopped by a local surf shop that I had bought normal sunglasses from before.

My have things changed.
My choices were:
or this green-blue pair. 
I could have gone with the neon, but I refrained.  I thought these were normal enough.  I loved the shape at least, and could find a way to deal with the color.
So I took my mole self back to the car, strapped Lucy in and put them on my huge face.  My eyes were so happy.  I don't even know how I had driven to the store with the amount of squinting that was going on.

But then I looked in the mirror.

Realized that I was not a teenager anymore.  Felt like a dork.  Didn't even wear them to grab Halley.  Too embarrassed.  

Jason the ever encouraging husband told me that they were great.  (Could have something to do with the $10 price tag, or the fact that he works with Jr. and Sr. high schoolers.)  So, I became a bit more confident in my choice.
Until my friend saw me.

"Fun glasses.  Kindyl has those."
(Kindyl is twelve.  I am not.  Not even close.)

So, if I showed up in these would you still talk to me?  If Halley and Lucy were teenagers would they be embarrassed of me?

Favorite Sunglasses A just turned up.

Should I go back to them?

Then there is this.

Look closely at my ear.

I got this done a billion years ago when I was visiting friends in Berkeley.  I suppose that I am lucky that this is the worst thing that I did while I was there.  Back then it was fun and edgy.  Now it is just.... weird and lame.  But for some reason I have a hard time letting it go.  Maybe because I don't know how to take it out.  It will probably involve pliers or a trip to the nearest piercing shop.  Either way, it has to come out within the next month before my C-section.  The question is, do I put it back in?


  1. Julie! I LOVE your sunglasses! I already told you they look great on you! AND...since the first day I met you so long ago you inspired me to, in fact, get by rook pierced and thus I did, 7 years ago! And I still have it! Never Change Julie, I love you too much!

  2. I LOVE the glasses. I will only wear bellbottom jeans. Why? Because I like them! I don't care if they aren't in style or if I'm too old. For me all that matters is that I feel comfortable and happy and you look like both in them! :) I pierced my nose on a whim about a year ago and as odd as it was, it's become me now and I don't think I could get rid of it. I love the piercing too!

  3. I love your sunglasses, and there's no shame, in being trendy and young even past your teens and twenties!
    I went through that phase and thought after I had my daughter, because it seemed as you get older, people warp into conservative granny clothing and/or accesories lol Granted I'm only 23, but still, I think until you have GRANDCHILDREN...there's no reason to give in. :) hehe

  4. You CRACK me up!! So, funny little story about sunglasses here. I so struggle with them. I NEVER wore them regularly until we moved out here where the sun shines INTENSELY 98% of the time. Kinda had to get over myself and start wearing something so I could see! Now I am hooked...I have a $10 Target pair that I LOVE!

    But here is the funny part. On our honeymoon to Kauai I had to get some sunglasses while we were there. I searched high and low and couldn't find a darn thing...they were all too big for my face. Now, I don't have a tiny face by any means, but seriously, they were too big! So, guess where I found my sunglasses? In the KIDS section at K-Mart!! We still have them...I am sure they probably fit my children now!!

    Anyway, I think your fun shades are quite happy! I mean, they are bright and cheery!! And big and colorful IS in, right?!! And if you are comfortable in them, that is ALL that matters!!

    Keep making me laugh!! Oh, did you find any of the socks?!!

  5. I adore your sunglasses. I vote you wear them!
    And the piercing also is not weird, I think if I met you in person and saw it, I probably wouldn't think a thing about it.....
    I have my belly button pierced, was terribly sad when my pregnant tummy wouldn't allow for it to stay in without causing pain. And now that I've shed most of the baby weight, it will be going right back where it belongs...weird or not, because it's a part of me.

  6. I have a horrible scar on my belly button that is immensely stretched out and obvious from being pregnant. Even putting it back in wouldn't make it look better, but...someday when I am RICH and have a tummy tuck I will get a new belly button and I for sure WILL NEVER pierce it again. PS. I still have a 3rd earring hole from high school that my mom warned me would never close up. I haven't wore more than 1 earring in each ear since I left high school and yes, it is still open! :0(

  7. we are the same age. i will turn 35 december 18. and i feel exactly the same as you. then something will happen and i will realize i am no longer "in my twenties". but you know, when your girls are teens they will be embarrassed by anything. so not to worry. keep being you! you rock!
    btw.. did you get my email about doing a giveaway on nov 28th? if not, please email me at annawillett at cox dot net

  8. JULIE !

  9. How could you ever question those glasses? I don't care how old you are, those are epic! I think your girls would be proud of you for wearing what you like!!! You know what I say all the time...WHO CARES, I LIKE THIS! Have confidence in your choices and no one will ever question you! I hope I look as cute as you when I am prego with baby #3... or even with baby numero uno (I don't have any kids yet...the Lord's time)

  10. You are hot! You are totally rocking those glasses. Two big thumbs up from me.

  11. You are SOOO cute and you look about 16! (not in an
    "old lady" trying to look young way--in a you really do look young way! LOL) If you got it, flaunt it!! That's what I say!! :-)

  12. Love the sunglasses! They say the bigger the sunglasses, the less wrinkles you will ever have- so I say the bigger the better! haha. I nominated you for a blog award... you can go check it out on my blog!

  13. Julie
    The sunglasses rock! no matter what anyone else says.
    My birthday is Dec. 12 and I'm gonna have a big 3 after my other 3, the way I look at it is you are as young as you feel - and heck I still feel like I just got out of college and kinda look like it too! It's all this good California Sun we get.
    I love your blog and all your creations!
    If your ever in Santa Barbara look us up!

  14. hey! I found your through the Penny Lane Blog...and I love your blog. (I just added you to my favorite "inspirations" link.) I LOVE the sunglasses. They are so fabulous. I say keep 'em!

    Looking forward to following your blog now! :)