I admit it.
I repent.
I am a brat.
I am an idiot.
I complained about the heat.  About the lack of Fall.
But I forgot about days like this.
A husband who has Mondays off and a sunny deserted beach.
Add in burritos from my favorite taco stand and a cute kid and I am happy.
I have suddenly forgotten about the heat.
I am glad I don't have to rake leaves.
I couldn't wear flip flops in the snow.
Although I brought my (slow) Coolpix instead of my Rebel,

and Lulu doesn't exactly like to look at the camera,

I wouldn't trade these pictures for anything.  
(Except maybe ones shot by Tonya Joy.)

Do you like my hat?
Look for ones like it in my shop later this week.

But, enough about me and my amazing day.
I bet you just want to know who the winner of Shey's camera strap slipcover is.

who said:
Ohhhh, Shey's camera straps are my FAVORITE!
I love the wood grain, but also the pear one too...
pretty much, I love any of them.
I want a cozy photo session!

You are going to have an awesome day too!
Contact Shey with your details and it will be on its way.

For you sad ones who didn't win, don't despair.  Shey is offering you an amazing deal.  If you hop on over to her shop right now until Wednesday Nov. 12th at 11:59 a.m. you can get a fun FREE stacked yo-yo with a button!!!!!  But don't pick the one I want (it's the leopard in case you were curious).  I am willing to fight you for it. 


  1. Congrats Emily!!
    love the pics, I used to live in LA and complained about the heat too, or that I could never wear any cute winter clothes. But those deserted beach days make up for it :)

    i'm so flippin' excited!!

    i'm contacting shae right now!!
    thank you thank you thank you!

  3. wish i coud just reach out and hug you...you are too sweet...love the pics of your day out with such beauty...