At the last minute I decided to pack the girls up and join Jason and 35 of our rad high school and college leaders for a little retreat.
The morning I was leaving I woke up with a crazy cold and nearly bailed. But I dosed up on Dayquil, my critters and my dear friend Amy hit the road.
I am a mean friend and made her clip threads on 80 messy flowers while I drove.
(They are headed into gift bags here. Wish I was headed there too!)

Anyway, the minute we arrived I had 35 new babysitters, baby holders and entertainers for the girls.
It was paradise.
For them and for me.
I got to sleep.
Be quiet.
Do nothing.
I never do nothing.
Not even read.

Lucy was in her own type of paradise.
Every family has one.
The one who's sole goal in the day is to make people laugh.
She likes nothing better.
So with full access to her cousin's costume supply, she slipped into this little number, walked downstairs and jumped directly in front of the t.v. where everyone was watching the USC game.
She brought down the house.
Spider Lightyear Girl.
She is so stinking wacky.

Then on the way home I noticed this cool old car.
As well as the quite recognizable driver.
We sped up so Amy could take a picture.
Right in front of a highway patrol car
It is amazing what a back seat full of cute little blue-eyed girls who think that police officers are the coolest can get you out of.
Try it.
So now I am home.
I need to start packing.
We move in less than three weeks.
But I really would rather be sewing.
It truly calms me.
It is pack a little, sew a little....
perhaps blog a little...
respond to the 200 emails in my inbox
in between.
{you can find this rad image here.}


  1. Sounds like a much needed, little break!!

    Your Lucy makes me smile everytime she's on your blog! :)

  2. Kinda scary that the Jay Leno show is coming on my TV as I read this post. :)

  3. LOL that is so funny! Only in CA. Glad you got a break! It was well deserved :)

  4. nice post.
    love the dress-up stuff!
    good luck with the move.

  5. Leno? awesome!!!
    we got pulled over in Utah this spring. we were telling the kids "be quiet. dont' get out of your seat belt!" etc. the cop was being so serious and then annie rolls her window down on her own and smile sreall big and says "HI!" the cop cracked up and said "i am going let you go with a warning." it was like she was our lucky charm. totally unprompted.
    i bet your whole car was just dying when you got pulled over! i can just hear it.
    that you saw Leno is waaaaay cool.

    i wish i could come and help you pack (and sew)
    i have been trying to find a zipper foot for you...with no luck. sorry. i was going to surprise you but i just can't find what i am looking for.

  6. Buzz SpiderYear! Too cool.

    I've met Jay Leno and he is about tne nicest celeb I've come in contact with. (there have been tons.)

    Oh and by the way, you're rad.

  7. Ewwww, packing!

    It's so much worse than laundry...and laundry is pretty bad.

    GOOD LUCK! I would come and help if I lived closer! ")