what to blog about?
when life doesn't feel blog-worthy?
or when I just can't seem to find the proper
words to finish the posts I have started.

locks of love?
my trip to kansas?
adventures in postpartum depression?
the real me?

not ready.
soon, I promise.

but for today enjoy the remnant of my first sewing project.

dresses for the opening day of the Nemo ride.
now cut up into a doll pillow for Lucy.
a casualty of cheap fabric and expired disney passes.

take a look at old school Lucy
bald, spicy and 15 months old.
but that is what you get for waiting
3 hours in line for a ride that she cried through.

we may or may not have told our kids bold faced lies
during subsequent disney trips.
bummer. nemo is broken today.
still broken...
nope. broken.
I have no idea when they are going to fix it.

but they looked cute in spite of our deception.

peace out, girl scouts.


  1. we were JUST discussing the nemo ride :)

    don't worry, everything you post is good! give yourself a break!

  2. Everything you post IS good. Some of the "real you" stuff you mentioned would be great... I know I'm always encouraged knowing there's someone else out there like me in certain ways! :)

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  4. I just love hearing from you no matter what the subject. I don't always get to post back, but I LOVE reading about the girls and whatever is floating around in that crazy and creative mind!

    I am praying for a safe move day as well. Can't wait to meet the new house!

    Best Wishes!

    PS . We are loving the messy flower clips and headbands in NC! Bought the clips for me and headbands for my daughter ... and she wears mine and I just wear the headbands! ha! :)

  5. I love it.. I have been wanting to take my girls to disneyland for awhile and I keep imagining that one of the twins will be afraid of..everything...

  6. just caught up on your blog since back from africa. your life is beautiful....and i KNOW it probably doesn't feel that way all the time....but love your perspective and creativity!

  7. I love that you dressed her up for the openning of the Nemo ride. That just makes me happy! And I hear ya on post pardom depression. I got hit with it hard with my number three that I had this last January. I was in denile about it for the past um 7 months (and he is now 8months), but it is true. Why can loving a baby be so easy and just loving every minute of him, but at the same time life seem so stinkin hard to handle? We bought our house just months after he was born, then moved while he was just still so little, and it was NOT EASY. Actully, I hated this house at first because it was so hard. So, my thoughts and prayers are with you. It will be worth it in the end, but somehow it is hard to see the end. I am sending you lots of love and prayers and happy thoughts hoping you can pull through all your stressers or moving! Thanks for always making me feel not alone.

  8. Just sending you some prayers...AND a great big hug! and everything you post is worthy...and good! (just like you!)
    Many Blessings!

  9. So cute. I still haven't been on the Nemo ride. Every time we go the line is too long.

  10. I Love reading all of your posts!!! Plus, I enjoy all those baldy pictures of your girls - love it!

  11. julie you could post about your breakfast and people would love it. everybody loves you. your whole life is blogworthy. :)

  12. lol, that pillow will be a great reminder :)

  13. I agree, you could write about anything & I would read it! Love your writing style & your randomness :) I am walking closely with a friend who is going through PPD right now, praying for you Julie!