As I begin to count down the days until we move,
I am doing my best to think of how awesome the new
house will be instead of how awful the moving part is.

So although there is a giant list of things I will miss
very much about this house, today I am starting a list
of things that I can say good riddance to.

Bye bye, tiny crazy closet.
Bye bye to the jumbled mess of shoes.
Bye bye to the golden doors.
Bye bye to the creepy popcorn ceilings.

Hello new walk in closet.

I spent the best $15 at Costco ever.
If you do not have these hangers you are an idiot.
They will change your life.

Each time I do laundry, I hang the clean
clothes on these AWESOME new hangers.
They are the best. I can't tell you how rad they are.

Then I put my hangers in a bag for Freecycle.
Not dry cleaner hangers.
The nice plastic ones you buy at Target.

So, I posted this on my Freakcycle group:
OFFER: Giant bag of adult plastic hangers

This is an email I received inquiring about them:

What color are they?

(No hello, no thank you... that's it. Four words.)

This is what I wanted to reply:

Thanks so much for your question.
Let me go get the bag and make a spreadsheet
of how many in each color there are.
Then I can bring them to your house to see
if they match your wardrobe, decor, dog, etc.

Oh wait...
they are FREE COLORED!!!!!!

But I didn't. I really wanted to. I should have. But I didn't.


  1. free color?? oh please do respond that way...thats the best funny ive heard in a long time!

  2. you don't know me, but i just had to tell you that i love your blog. you are ha-larious! and i love your happy sundays!

  3. See now, I've got to sympathize with the person who asked...only white plastic hangers are allowed in my house! When my husband and I first started dating, one of the first things I did was redo his closet with all white hangers! (And he still married me in spite of it!)

  4. That is HILARIOUS!! I swear where did all the grateful people go?

  5. You're a magnet for freecycle weirdos! Too funny.

  6. Freak cycle is right! What is wrong with people!!!

  7. that made me laugh! Freak cycle for sure. Kevin wanted to post one of our old tables on freecycle & i told him NO because of all the stories you have posted about. We are giving it to Goodwill instead. LOL.
    P.S. We only use white hangers also.

  8. i just saw those hangers on QVC and i wanted them so bad...i can't believe yours were only $15. i need a costco. and "freak cycle" LOVE IT!

  9. i got a treadmill from freecycle one time.

    i think you should respond with "free color" it's funny!

  10. i have also joined freecycle lately. is it wrong that i tend to skip over the people who spell horribly when they're requesting my listings? you totally should have "free colored" that idiot.

  11. Here's hoping your new home is in Alicia's freecycle area.

  12. Love your posts about "Freakcycle"

    and you will love those hangers! I have them in black and purple - no more plastic hangers for me!

  13. LOL you totally should have said that. I want those hangers but Im cheap and so is my husband. I guess I could ask my mom to get me some from Christmas, LOL

  14. Your Freakcycle post from a couple months ago was seriously just about the funniest thing I've ever read. This was a good follow-up. Hysterical! Free colored would've been a great answer! :)

    (although my boys clothes are on color coded hangers because we color code everything they do. Blue for the oldest, green for #2, red for the baby. It makes life a smidge easier)

  15. You and your freak cycle - I just LOVE it! It's almost midnight here and you just made me laugh so hard! Now I have to go to Costco tomorrow for those hangers!

  16. oh yes.. I remember your freecycle post. People are just weird.

  17. oh. my. goodness. Making me laugh out loud - and spill my coffee if I had some. FREE-COLORED, people. I know, I know. and I do want those Costco hangers to replace all my white plastic ones. although you've made me think twice about offering them up on freakcycle :)

  18. maybe your new awesome house will be in free cycle awesomeness--- instead of freak cycle. Good luck!!

  19. Hehe - got to love Craigslist etiquette (sp??). I saw an ad that said "Mommy Milk" and was was for BODY BUILDERS! Yeah...breast milk...for body builders. I thought I might die from laughter. :)

  20. ok...normally i TOTALLY agree with you...but I'm weird and i have this thing where all of my hangers have to be WHITE. So, maybe that person has the same neurosis?

    Oh, and been dying to buy those hangers...just haven't had the wherewithall to actually do it (I honestly think I'd need like 5 boxes!)

  21. Nice to know I'm not the only weirdo who only uses white hangers, hahaha!

    Julie, you would think with all the crazy stories you have from Free Cycle that you would stop using it. You must have some success stories too, right?

  22. You are so nice not to send a snarky response. I would have :) I have never understood about why people are picky about FREE things. Either take it or don't. Does this person really, seriously care about the colors of her hangers???

  23. I think you should have :)

    I love those new ones you bought. I'm gonna need to look for those. :)

  24. OH MY! I TOO am obseeeeessssed with those hangers! When I moved out i finally got an amazing walk in closet...but im telling you it is those hangers that helped to make it so amazing. I love them!

  25. LOL! I wish you would have responded that way!!

  26. I move on the 3rd of Oct. and I totally know how you are feeling!