crazy town as usual...

today we closed escrow.
so we are officially renters in our own home.
it is weird.
if something goes wrong we don't have to fix it.
that's pretty awesome...

we also set a moving date for the
not-yet-ours home.
I am doing my best to not freak out.
I need this print in wallpaper size right about now.

here is the last first day picture I will take in front of this door.
Lucy loves preschool.
wishes it was longer each day.
(I might too....)
for the first time I get alone time with Janey.
oh... how I love it.

speaking of miss janey,
she decided to sprout some really crazy chompers.
they pretty much popped out on the flight from dallas.
she was ANGRY!!!!
forty five minutes of anger.
so if you were on American flight 1285 and saw someone who resembled yours truly, crying as she held an angry, inconsolable, screaming baby, lets just pretend it wasn't me.
not my finest hour.
nor janey's.
we might not fly together for a while.
or at least until she is done getting crazy teeth.
but then I will most likely be adding to her future orthodontist fund.
seriously, look at the crazy teeth!!!!


  1. How CUTE are your girls? For real? They are all so beautiful...each with their own look! Love it!

    As for Miss Janey Jae's teeth! Huntler was born with the best.teeth.ever. No gaps, straight...utter perfection. And then came Gentry with her gappy toothed little smile. Totally weird at first, but they have grown together and now fit her mouth a little better! I hadn't even noticed that though until just now when I did a little inspection! The giant gap has been replaced by a much smaller one. Just another reminder that my BABY is growing up all too fast.

    Hugs to you girlfriend!

  2. Moving is so exciting!

    I feel so bad for teething children. My son was cutting his teeth FOREVER. I would take him for his check up and the dr said they are right there and should be through soon. Well...there we were at the next visit (3mths later) with the dr saying the same thing. sigh...such a painful thing for babies to go through.

  3. Adorable!! The first day of preschool & the chompers. I LOVE it!!

  4. Oh Miss Janey.
    Crazy how fast those teeth started coming through!
    Pour Janey's Mommy :(

    PS. Got the messy flower today :)
    Love it. She'll wear the dress again for my birthday lunch with the family next weekend, so she'll get to wear it then!

  5. she's adorable! she'll probably be the next lauren hutton~

  6. I know about renting in your own home.
    My dishwasher broke the day after the inspection, sucked but it was nice to not have to worry about it- since we were renters in our own home.

    I love moving, I love new starts!

  7. Goodness me --- you have the most adorable children!! Sorry to hear about the miserable flight. Teething *not* on an airplane is awful so I can imagine how much worse it was to have a teether on a plane. :( If only we could take the pain away... Great pics! Your blog always makes me smile ~

  8. aww they are so cute!! Sorry about the crabby teething baby. Ive got one too but she is about 10 months and is just working on her 1st bottom one, LOL

  9. poor janey...and mommy. your house deal seems like it has moved really fast. when do you officially get to move to the new house? btw, it was nice to meet you in meg's driveway.
    i'm glad you could come see kansas.
    it's not as bad as i make it out to be, but if i had a choice i would be in so cal!!! if you ever feel the need for another kansas vaca...let me know, i'll trade ya houses for a week! :)

  10. i can't believe the change in those teeth after just a week!

  11. I just ordered that print from Hope Ink - I've had my eye on it since your giveaway! Hope the message helps you enjoy your week. :)

  12. oh i am sorry.
    crying on airplanes is normal...several mommies were probably feeling bad for you. the other people...well they don't matter.
    enjoy your time with janey. :)

  13. Eli started preschool too and it is awesome having that time with Cora. She is at such a fun age; everything is a new wonder to her!

  14. I just stumbled across your blog and love it! I was thinking that your little Janey was about the same age as my Charlotte (who is also sprouting new teeth) and after a little back tracting found that they have the same birthday : )

  15. Your girlies are sooooo dang cute! Love Lucy's school picture, and Janey's new little chomps!! Yay for closing escrow!

  16. Janey is a cutie, even with her crazy teeth. Claire had crazy teeth when the top ones were coming in. I called her snaggle-tooth for about 2 weeks. It was REALLY bad. Here are some pictures of her, it will make Janey's teeth look perfect compared to Claire's: