Let's just say that you are sort of moving.
over half of your craft stuff is in a storage pod.
then you daughter, who has a much bigger
heart than you do, gets her hair cut for
her new short hair is different.
you try not to cry about it.
she wants ribbons for the end of her
{really, really, really short braids}.
what do you do?

make them of course.
5 minutes before school
rotary cutter, ruler and mat
sewing machine

cut two strips 1 inch wide by the full 44 inch width of the fabric

line them up, wrong sides together.
for two short ribbons cut the strip in half (22 inches each)
for one long ribbon cut the strip to 36 inches (or longer if you so please)
sew the all four sides of the two piece together as close as you can to the edge
clip threads
instant charming ribbons.
instant cuteness on my little hero.


  1. Let's say there's a really groovy chick who lives in CA.

    But she should live in Kansas.

    Let's say she doesn't realize the fun she could have there...

    Oh wait, I got sidetracked...

    Love the ribbons!
    I donate to Locks of Love too. Your little girl has such a big heart! Wonder where she could've gotten that...

  2. So cute! Way to be an awesome Mom:)

  3. Very, very cute! I love how you said, "instand cuteness on my little hero"... what a beautiful way to refer to your daughter!!

  4. What a sweetheart!! I donated my hair to Locks of Love a few years ago, and it was hard, but hey - it's hair and it grows. The ribbons are great!

  5. So so so cute!
    And I love her huge heart... just like her mommy.

  6. What a sweet girl! Love the cute ribbons. :)

  7. oh, too cute! you are such an awesome mommy! love this!

  8. very cute!! her hair still looks long. my husband donated 14 inches a few months ago. Congrats to H for being such a generous, kind, caring, compassionate little lady. You should be so proud! :)

  9. She is such a hero for donating her hair. And, YOU are hero for letting her! I am impressed her hair can still be french braided after she donated it! Her hair is still long! Cute ribbons you made her....and you made those in the morning BEFORE school?!?! You are Super mom!

  10. What a self-less girl!! Congrats mama. The ribbons totally make the outfit :)

  11. how cute she is!!!
    now i wish my girls had hair LONG enough for any braids. if you want to see really short braids.....

    you are CREATIVE!
    and i miss you.
    for reals.

  12. Those look too cute!!! Squeeze Miss Priss and give her a High Five for NC for the hair donation!!! Very impressive!!! :)

  13. Not only is she fantastic, I agree with the previous commenter that commended you for letting her do it. I donated my hair a few years ago and the simple postcard they sent afterwards brought me to tears. It's such a gift. I had a college friend who lost her hair quickly to alopecia her senior year of high school. Such a traumatic thing for a really difficult time of life anyway. She was able to get a real hair wig because of people like your daughter....it really is a beautiful thing. Hugs to you mama and your sweet girl!

  14. Those are just precious! I need to see if my daughter will let me put ribbons on the ends of her braids.

    On another note, I feel kinda deja voo-ish in that I was just visiting your beautiful blog yesterday from a link from Whatever and then saw your profile on my follower list. How honored do I feel.... :)

  15. So cute!!! Looks like she has a very similar uniform to what the students wear at my school too.

    And, her hair is so NOT that short at all :)