Still Trojan fans.
(please don't un-friend me drew!)
Still fighting on.

Please continue to pray for Carter
and his fight against cancer.
benefit CHOC's amazing work.

I heart Erin and Haute Tot's for her heart to help Carter in his journey.

Here are the winners of the fun rainbow hair candy.

(if it is you, email me your info...
if it isn't peek around and find a new blog.
win. win.)


  1. Your poor, poor little girls. They have no choice. Auntie Drew will send them some UCLA gear :)

  2. Oh my Gosh!!! YAY!! I won! I can't believe it!! So excited!!! Thanks!!!
    And, poor Lucy in her Trojans is all about the Big 12. Go Colorado! :)

  3. Trojans? Don't you mean USC Gamecocks? :)

  4. This is an impressive amount of links and one cute girl squeezed into a little bitty blog post. Well done.

  5. Sorry...I'm a Husky fan. GO DAWGS!! :)