what is it...
crazy people don't know they are crazy?
so if I know I'm crazy, than I'm not, right?

let me take you on a tour of a typical night for me and my crazy brain.

It's 10:30.  
Jason's not home.  
All of the girls are sleeping.
My projects are done.
The house is picked up.
I just started a new book. 
(I haven't read a book since Twilight and that, well...)
I turn off the lights and head to my room for a few hours of reading.
But then I pass by the computer.
Maybe I'll just read a few blogs.
I set a ten minute limit.
Visit Kelly.
See this post.
Click on this tutorial.
Think, well my new book does need a bookmark.
Turn back on the lights.
Go the garage to collect supplies.
Set everything up.
Make a bookmark.
Think, well everything is out I might as well make a couple.
Soon one dozen bookmarks are sewn.
Then I have to trim them, 
so I might as well watch something on the Tivo.
How is it 3am?
Turn off the lights.
Go to bed and read.
One page in, I am falling asleep.
Save my place with cute bookmark.
Nite nite.

Who are these bookmarks for?
Make a purchase during my stroller sale and you just might find out.


  1. you are a total goofball.
    i think the next thing to add is "five minutes later...child wakes up crying" that is what happens to me.

  2. so familiar. those are so cute! and i, by the way, actually just FINISHED a book!

  3. I can totally relate to this (with photoshop, not a sewing machine!) I love these bookmarks! I want to buy one! And, I still can't believe you didn't like Twilight :)

  4. You're too funny. Super cute bookmarks!

  5. Ha Ha!
    Thanks for linking me in your post--I've already had visitors :)
    I love your bookmarks--the ribbon really does add something....
    hmmm...maybe I should make more.

  6. I think we have the SAME brain! I got up and made a lampshade!!! (am posting it later today- after I drink a gallon of coffee to wake-up! Ha!)
    CUTE bookmarks!!! :)

  7. so funny!!! and those are totally precious!!!!

  8. ha ha - you do nice work at 3:00 am

  9. Sounds just like me! :) And, I was happy to support your stoller fund last night:)

    Kayla Monk

  10. too funny!! time just flies by when you are doing something that you love.....creativity is a curse..err..blessing!! love it!!

  11. Those are SO very cute! I tear through books like nobody's business, so I'm always in the market for more bookmarks. You used great fabrics too, I love the colors!

    And by the way, my nights are often very similar to the one you just described. We are nightowls, hear us hoot!!

  12. I do the same thing!! You know as a mom the only time you have to yourself is when they are all asleep for the night. Great bookmarks!!

  13. LOL! I *literally* just did a Twilight post... Anyways, those bookmarks are just about the cutest things I've ever seen! Love, love them!

  14. Ohhhh but you make the rest of us feel so normal. :) Love the bookmarks.

  15. Love your stuff especially the headbands!!

  16. We must have the same brain! haha I do the same things. You're so cute! Love the bookmarks!

  17. Julie... that TOTALLY sounds like my nights when Jon isn't home! But how else do we get anything crafty done? :)

    Love your blog.