I need a new stroller.
I want a really, really, really nice new stroller.
My awesome Graco has been really good to me.
It has survived near weekly Disney trips for 
the past three years, countless walks and probably
one hundred beach trips.  But there comes a time
when enough is enough.  When it is near impossible
to push empty, much less filled with critters, a car seat
and tons of assorted bags, coolers, and beach toys.
I want my new stroller to be able to handle whatever
comes its way without wearing out or killing me.
I go to bed dreaming about this stroller.
I beg and beg for this stroller.
I pretend that Bumbleride will hear my pleas,
feel compassion and send me one.

But then I came back to reality and devised a plan.

I have dozens of one of a kind, limited  edition
Pretty. Messy. Flowers.
Would you like one?
Would you like to put me and my Graco out of our misery?
Would you like being a part of my dreams coming true?

What's that?
Your answer was yes?

Well lucky you!

I am having my first ever sale.
Buy two of anything in my shop and I will send
you a pin or clip in the color of your choice.

For reals.
For my super cool blog readers.
Just tell me your color preference and if you would 
rather a pin or a clip in the 'notes to seller' section.

Happy shopping means happy strolling.


  1. Best of luck on getting that new stroller!

  2. The Bumblerides are the best. I love the side-by-side too.

  3. I am so there! I LOVE your stuff!

  4. good luck on getting your awesome stroller!!! i love your stuff (found you from a vintage pearl)...but i don't have a girl ...yet... to wear them! :( i would wear them, cause i think they are precious, but people might laugh at me....although i may be crazy enough to do it :) lol


  5. Love your cute things. I'll wear one - way cute!

  6. Wow. I mean-- Who can resist that? I'll be placing an order soon--everyone needs a good stroller and Disney will wear them down!

  7. Ohh that's a great stroller!! and a sale on your pretty flowers...I'm off to see what I can get hubby to order me for my birthday next week! =)

  8. let me sell something in my ETSY SHOP and I will stroll over and get 2 headbands and a pin ... loved the last one I got and would love a headband or 2 for Maddie for the next school year!!!

    PS ... I am compiling a list of ETSY Gals to post for a Christmas in July .. twitter or email me if you are interested in going on the list!! :)

  9. I AM ALL OVER THIS! Good luck with your stroller!

  10. You've got my help!!! I have 3 girls who need new hair accessories. I'm headed over to the shop now :)

  11. You'll never regret getting a side by side! I've used my graco double only once since getting my schwinn double jogger-your back will thank you!!

  12. I came over from Vintage Pearl's Giveaway. I love love love your stuff and I know I will be ordering a lot from you in the near future. These little items are tdf cute! :)

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  14. Just placed my order! Anything to help out a fellow mama in need of a new stroller!!

  15. I hope everyone buys a whole lotta pretty messy flowers! Reading this post I saw that you go to Disney land a lot. I am going for the first time with both of the kids and I was wondering if you have any tips or secrets of how to make it not a nightmare. I know it can get pretty crowded, thanks so much. Oh and I had a side by side and the only thing i didnt like was that it was so wide I had a hard time getting in and out of stores and through the isles while shopping, but mine was a different brand. ok I am done rambling now. bye

  16. I LOVE my bumbleride indie. Seriously worth every penny! AMAZING-ness in a stroller!

  17. i have the single Bumbleride that I WON on jollymom.com!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

    Good luck on getting the double...I'm droolin' over that one too!

  18. is this still going on??

    we have one of your headbands and LOVE it. needing one w/ red now...