thanks so much for adding to the stroller fund.
I am giddy and crazy from too much coffee,
toffee crack and insomnia.
So what do I do?
for you  grown-ups who say

"if only I had girls..."
"I could never pull that off..."

You can.  I promise.
Or you can't and I am just a dork...
(well I am a dork, maybe I 
just look ridiculous)
which if that is true, let me live in denial.

To me, funky hair accessories are like shoes and purses.
They always fit.
They make me happy.
They distract from 
under eye circles,
spit up stains,
wrinkles in the land of botox,
straw like bleached hair,
and two inches of roots.

Have a good hair day, or at least pretend like you are.

something hilarious is happening.

Someone nominated me for 
two BlogLuxe awards.

Which I hardly deserve,
which I will NEVER win,
but are really fun.

(but if I can be honest, coming in 
last place... not very fun.)

So would you take a second and hop over
and cast a vote for little old,
under rested,
messy flower wearing,

I will big puffy heart you forever!

2009 <span class=

2009 <span class=
For reals?

(If you really puffy heart me,
feel free to vote every day..
just saying.)


  1. Am I just BLIND? lol Becuase I went to vote and can't find your button.. help me! ;) Where is it on the list... I'm blonde and I need direction... ;)

  2. Your hair bands are just adorable and so creative. Amy Butler fabric is jsut the best and you obviously have an eye for great combinations. I've never seen anything like these. Thanks for offering a giveaway on the vintage pearl!

  3. LOVE the hairbands! Seriously in love. But then again I love all of your pretty creations!

    And you got my votes! And if I remember I'll vote each and every day :)

  4. oh i love love love them!!! thank you!!!! i can't make up my mind which ones i like best!!
    i'm serious about wearing them with my scrubs to work! i work in a pediatric dental office, so i think at least the kids will appreciate them!

    i have 3 diff. scrubs, one set is all brown, one set is called "terra cotta" kinda orange/peach, and the last is black with zebra and pink accents!

    what do you suggest??

  5. hi, i love your hair flowers but i realy do love your "faith" sign
    i think it is very inspiring and i also voted 4u as the most inspiring blog.
    hope u win!!! :)

  6. hi, i love your hair flowers but i realy do love your "faith" sign
    i think it is very inspiring and i also voted 4u as the most inspiring blog.
    hope u win!!! :)

  7. thanks girl!! i just added my email...i didn't realize i didn't have that on my profile! how silly of me!!

    ok, so the Leah! yes maam!! :) too cute for words!!

  8. Love this for adults. I saw your stuff on the Vintage Pearl blog and am really glad you can help those of us who aren't sure if they can rock this look. I think I'm ready to try!

  9. I made up a batch of the crack last night (there's none left)! Woohoo for pretties for me!

  10. i love to wear my Pretty.Messy. with a tank! looks great, get lots of compliments.

  11. i have been voting for you! i have learned more from this blog that ANYONE!!
    you are too cool.
    and i think i must have a pretty messy hair thing for me. :)

  12. wow! you are amazing! I love your bows/headbands and need to order some....I might even get a matching one for me and my daughter....do I dare? You are so funny and honest! Keep it coming....

  13. I love your blog and writing style, not to mention the awesome flowers!!! :)

  14. I'm voting like a crazy woman! And I love the smaller mama flowers - with a messy bun?! Way too cute!

  15. You definitely get my vote! Even though I can't sew a stitch I'm still inspired each time I visit your blog!

  16. Voting for you! I puffy heart your blog! And, LOVE the adult pretty.messy....might need to get a couple of those!