I go to sleep thinking about this print.
I wake up thinking about this print.
I want it more than anything in the world right now.
(Besides a craft room and world peace.)
But buying it would go against what it says.
If I was really serious about it, I would make do 
with one of the prints I already have.
Or even better, "mend" it into something else.
But I don't want to.
I want the real thing.
But then again, I don't even have a wall to hang it on.

I hang it next to this AWESOME hole in the drywall that may never be fixed.
Then, when I see the MAKE DO part of the print I will no longer be sad.
Do you think that would work?
But then I would have to follow through on the MEND part.
Drywaller, I am not.

I searched all Fall and Winter for the perfect fabric to make new pillows with.
Nothing captured me, so I kept the Summery 
ones out all through the cold months.
(Irritated too, I might add.)

Wouldn't you know, now that it is Spring, look at what I found:
Exactly what I wanted in my imagination.
Six months too late.
So, I will make do with my Summer pillows 
and wait until Fall to change them.
Patience is not one of my best characteristics.

Another thing that I am again obsessing over is Toffee Crack.
Evil, evil, evil.
So instead I am making do with these little treats.  
Ha ha ha.
Actually, they aren't all that bad.
Fiberlicious even.

I am also making do without my beloved/ hated Diet Pepsi.
This tea came recommended on good 
authority to help battle my addiction.

I do believe however, that the person who sang 
it's praises is secretly trying to kill me.

I may never recover from the one sip I took.
(Throwing up in my mouth was involved.)

I can sort of see the allure.  
It might be really good if they took the anise out.

Anise and I are NOOOOOOOOOT friends.
Sworn enemies actually.
Right up there with popsicle sticks, bananas, ketchup and Twilight.
Denise dear, I am sending this box your 
way and I will work on forgiving you.
You couldn't have possibly know how weird I am about anise.


  1. Julie, you could "sew" make that Make Do & Mend sign... I LOVE the new fabric... I would rather drink WATER than nasty tea, and nasty tea could NEVER in a million years replace PEPSI.... hahahaha

  2. Have to tell you to be CAREFUL with the Fiber One bars. My daughter in law just did a post on them today.
    I can't eat them...too much fiber for me and excuse this but we all had unbelievable gas....and I am normally a fiber eater.

    Love the Make Do and Mend poster. You could totally make that.

  3. is anise taste like black licorice? if so YUCK!

    you could so do the drywall thing... I believe in you :)

  4. I do not care for anise, either...yuck!! Though, I have been called Anise before, by the pitiful people who cannot understand Elise. I am so with Jenny, make the sign. OR just buy it!! You NEED it!!

  5. Julie, I could totally identify with this post ... there are so many things I dream about SOMEDAY .. so in the meantime, I MAKE DO! I also enjoy the Fiber One bars ... I have had no problems with them. I am excited because my local grocery store has them for $1 a box! Only the choc. chip and PB flavors, though. :( No toffee.

  6. i love those Fiber One bars too! but be careful - don't let your kids get one. my poor son ate one and has some SERIOUS...uhh...digestive issues...in the car! it was bad!

    as always, love your witty posts!

  7. I'm pretty sure anise is the work of the devil.


  8. i don't like black licorice, bike tires, or the devil...and i didn't try to kill you, really!
    it is really so yummy...i have never thrown up in my mouth (even a little) when drinking it. :-)

  9. OK so i think instead of fixing the dryway you could "make due.. and Mend" it with that sweet picture. just place it over the whole and wa-la you are mending AND making due. YEs, i agree about the tea.. it is never a good filler for something yummy. I keep telling myself that i should just order tea instead of blendeds but it is never the same :)

  10. I do love that print and would love it to be in my craft room too!

  11. first off - love the new fabric. but your link was all sold out, so i'll have to go on a hunt!

    second - denise is my sister-in-law and i guess i don't mind anise like you. she got me hooked on that tea. however, if i had even one sip of your diet nastiness i would probably throw up in my mouth. i must stay true to my true love of dr. pepper.

    and buy that poster for yourself and hang it over the stinkin' hole!

  12. So good to get the Pepsi Diet out of your foodhabits. It is poison because of the aspartame in it which causes so much damage to your health.

    Just drink water of nice tea ans save the money to buy that great Make Do & Mend sign.

  13. Ooooh Fiber One bars are the best! And that fabric is SOOO cute, now you can be super excited for those Fall pillows, yay!! xoxox

  14. I think the poster would make-do AND mend that hole in the drywall...see, actually a really wise investment...(this coming from a girl who considers a jelly donut healthy because it has "fruit" in it!)

  15. Saw this and thought of you...


  16. I am loving that print...and love the feel of your blog....nice reading..thank you!

  17. could the print mean MAKE (comma) DO & MEND.
    like as in make something. do something. mend something.??
    if it did...then you could buy it guilt free. :)

    by fall you may find another fabric you love even more....maybe?

  18. I think you could make that sign yourself! And, I LOVE that sweet & spicy tea! It is the only hot tea I will drink. YUMMY. I like to drink it while reading Twilight ;)