When I approached Heather to use her mad art skillz to 
decorate Halley and Lucy's room she asked me what I wanted.  
I gave her a basic color scheme and theme and told her to take it from there.

She threatened to paint pictures of
purple cats
eating popsicles.

Which is hilarious in all of it's un-awesomeness.

But I one upped it to:
purple cats
eating popsicles
reading Twilight.

Thankfully she sent me the most gorgeous, amazing, ridiculously perfect
set of sassy mermaids and funky hibiscus.
With sparkles,
(Sparkles are Halley's number one love language.)
and messy flowers!!!!
Seriously adorable messy flowers.

How jealous are you right now?

Heather is amazing.  Not only is she an artist,
she was the one who literally saved the Cora's Playground 
project from my disorganized hands, 
 throws the most gorgeous parties,
is an insane caterer,
beautiful writer,
adores her husband
and is a phenomenal mother.

I love them Heather.  
More than purple cats, eating popsicles, reading Twilight.

But for all of you purple cat loving, popsicle eating, Twilight reading friends,
before you remove my blog from you bookmarks,
I am going to highlight some art you might be interested in.

Wouldn't you know... there are 10 pages of Purple Cat Prints on Etsy.

Two pages of Popsicle Prints...

and over 30 pages of Twilight ones.

I bet if you asked really nicely,
Heather would paint you your own set of 
purple vampire cat popsicle prints too.


  1. I have to join in the Heather love-fest. She is absolutely AMAZING... on paper, via blog, and in person.

    If I won the lottery I would hire her to be my full-time personal party planner/chef/assistant/interior decorator. :)

  2. Wow- thank you! I definitely did not expect to see this here today. I'm so glad you like them, they were fun to create just for the girls!

  3. ADORABLE paintings!!! LOVE the "sparkles" too!

  4. too funny! and i love that you said your daughter's love language was sparkles! i have a daughter with such a love language as well! and the paintings are super cute!

  5. Hilarious!! You always make me laugh, Julie!! Unless, of course, its a serious post...
    But why wouldn't you want a painting of a purple cat eating a popsicle?!?! Hahahahaha!!!

  6. Wow... I am a huge Heather fan :)

    Amazing job Heather :) Again you are putting a smile on my face!

  7. Those are so fun! And Twilight...yuck :)

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE the mermaids!!! :) SO cute, yay! xoxox Holly

  9. Just a tip of the Heather iceberg!
    Her talents are endless-
    I Love You Heather!!!

  10. she did so great on those paintings.... what talent... the colors you picked are beautiful as well!

  11. I love that your messy flowers are added!!

  12. Too cute!!
    I'm loving all the beautiful fabric on your blog (pic with your sweet baby and diet pepsi)
    Can't wait to come again and check out more crafties!
    I must be the only mom on the planet who didn't fall head over heels for twilight. Sorry to say, its no Harry Potter or Narnia... plus my hubby is way hotter than Edward :)

  13. I still love you even if you don't like popsicles or Twilight (I am with you on the cat thing)...
    and I love Heather too! So fun.