I am having a random week.
So I am going to a do a random post.

I got a bracelet for Mother's day courtesy of my monkey Lulu,
who thought it would be fun to do a swan dive from her crib.

She's not thinking it was so fun anymore.
Thankfully, all is well.
The trouble with monkeys...

A new Sonic is coming to the OC.
Happy hour is certain to ruin my life.
Just saying.
Counting down the days until slushy happiness.

I love this idea from my friend Richelle.
Grab some summery paper and make one with your kiddos tonight.
Or make a Days Until Sonic chain.  
Because I am.

My mom got and embroidery machine.
I get to use it without the pesky buying and storing of it.
The best kind of embroidery machine to own!

Like my new 30 going on 13 glasses?
(As photographed by my four year old.)
Here's me, freckles and all.  
I am really trying to be un-OC and post a close up of my
Why didn't I listen to my mom and wear sunscreen?
A tan teenager grows up to be crazy, splotchy adult.

My dear friend Alicia is in the process of opening an Etsy shop.
Look for cuteness like this to follow.

Vote for my littlest one in the Cutest Candy Clipper contest at 
Because she is the cutest.
(She's Candy Clipper #3)
Even if I am totally biased.
She's the cutest.

Enough with the random.


  1. I already voted for Janey!! I was too lame to have gotten my entry in on time.

    Sorry, Lucy, I was in that scary machine this week too :(

    Love the chain (and the chalkboard), I've never done a non-Christmas version!

  2. voted for #3, #3, #3, yipee!

  3. Enjoyed the hodge podge - heading over to vote now! :)

  4. I love random posts. Nothing better than a good brain dump. :)

    Headed off to vote for your sweetie pie...

  5. Wow! That's quite a post!

    I think the zebra sunglasses are fabulous!

  6. Route 44 strawberry limeade, that is where its at!

  7. WHERE in OC? I live in the OC and would love to know!

  8. oh, sonic happy hour! i will have to say it sadly runs more of my life than i would like! why, why, why are their drinks so good??

  9. LOVE the sunglasses!! off to vote for Janey...cause she IS the cutest! :)

  10. I have a little monkey also...so I feel your pain. Sonic drink are oh so good!

  11. Love the randomness!! I saw a purse at the thrift store yesterday and totally thought about you. Actually, there were two of them...they were cat print. Yes, a cat toile and some other kitty print. I just knew you would love them!! Hahaha!!
    Yay for Sonic!!
    We had to take Fisher to the ER recently for trying to somersault out of his swing, so I feel you on the Lulu thing. Sorry!!

  12. Okay, voted for #3!! Those clips are so sweet they make my teeth hurt!!

  13. Oh I am glad your baby girl is ok, those falls can be so scary, I always freak out and think they have a concussion and make them stay awake all night. I will vote, I love the shades, and I did not know Sonic was comming here, where exactly? I was always annoyed when they showed the commercials like non stop and we didnt have one anywhere to be found.

  14. Ohhh girl, you are going to LOVE Sonic happy hour! For real.

    I limit myself to once a week, but could do it every day.

    Yesterday I had their new Mango Limeade (diet). OH.My.Gracious. It was awesome!

    I love random posts.

  15. Oh, I'm so glad your little crib jumper is A o-kay! Nice of her to think of you and get you a bracelet though ;-)

    Jamie :)

  16. Glad you posted that Sonic pic... I very close by to it (Los Alisos/El Toro) and waiting for it to open already. It's going to be a great summer. Beats having to go to Anaheim.

  17. SONIC!!!
    i am headed there in five minutes!
    love you glasses. :)
    bummer your little one tried to be a monkey...wow.

  18. Love your blog and I must know where the new Sonic in the OC is going to be! Just got done vacaying in Utah for a wedding and had Happy Hour everyday I was there.

  19. I voted for your little gal! It's an adorable photo.

    And wow, what a scare! I'm happy she's ok.

  20. i must know where this new sonic is so that when we visit socal in a month i will know just exactly where to go....i can't live without my happy hour :)

  21. mmm... sonic happy hour! We're getting on in SD north county soon too!!

  22. Oh my gosh, you are a girl after my own heart. I celebrated when they put in a Sonic here recently. SERIOUSLY. I've been watching the commercials for years... without a single one in Michigan. (I had been to them when I was younger, visiting family in southern states). The wait the first day was over 2 hours. I'm pretty sure no one even complained lol. I love me some slushy goodness. ;)