Nothing I could say would be able to adequately 
express how overwhelmed and thankful that I am.

Nothing could have prepared me back on February 9th when I decided 
to make a dozen messy flowers and send the proceeds to the Macs.

250 or so flowers,
200 or so Etsy sellers,
over $15,000 later...

I am humbled and amazed at what God has done.

How He used us.
Strangers and friends.
Crafters and shoppers.
To bring comfort to Joel and Jess.
To take part in building a beautiful playground.
Inspired by the sweet and beautiful Cora.

Thank you, Jason.
For encouraging me and supporting me.  I couldn't have done this without you.

Thank you to Alicia and Nichole for being my late night sewing buddies.
If you hadn't figured out the gathering trick, I would probably still be working on the first batch of flowers.

Thank you to all of my friends who took time to sew buttons and glue headbands while we were at the ladies retreat.

Thank you to Heather and Molly.
You both stepped in and saved me and in turn facilitated a project that would have fallen apart in my disorganized hands.

Thank you to Meg.
You sent the most perfect email that was exactly what I needed at the perfect time.

Thank you Beki for writing the article for the Storque.
God used your words to bring another 100 sellers in on the project.

Thank you to everyone who shopped.
Pray for Joel and Jess each time you see or use your purchase.

Thank you to every seller who donated items.
Your hands made a lasting impact for generations to come.

I started a Flickr group for all of you that generously purchased Messy Flowers.
It is my desire collect pictures from near and far of those who will think 
of Cora and pray for Joel and Jess every time they wear their flowers.  

Show your love and upload your pictures here.

Halley wants to wear hers every day.
She asks about Cora all of the time.
She loves that her sister Joy has a new friend in heaven.


  1. That last part made me cry...
    that she loves that Joy has a new friend in Heaven.

  2. that is incredible. i am in awe + inspired. and what a beautiful closing to this post, it also made me cry.

  3. Thank you Julie! FYI my email has been down for some strange reason. As soon as I get to the bottom of it, I'll send out another email with final numbers.

    (Camden has that same peacoat :)

  4. a new friend in heaven! oh it just rips your heart open...with joy and with sorrow.
    julie you are awesome. 250 flowers?!!
    my girls want to wear them all the time too.
    i have them trained to be so careful...they are special...don't lose it...don't break it.
    i LOVE the flickr idea. so cool! can't wait to up load mine!
    God is so much bigger than i ever give Him credit for. why do i always put Him ina box? make him have limits? He has no limits! HE IS ALMIGHTY!

  5. THANK YOU JULIE!!!! You inspired us all!

  6. I have loved reading your blog for many months now and have always been impressed with your kindness and thoughtfulness of others. This was a huge and successful project for you to take on at such a busy time in your own life. By following your heart and the spirit of our Father in Heaven you have inspired and blessed the Marcs and so many others with your efforts. Thank you for your selfless example.

  7. You can add me to the list of people who cried reading your post. You don't know me, besides from maybe recognizing me as someone who bought a shamrock shirt. I thought I should post and introduce myself instead of being a stranger reading your blog. I'm the person from Koeln, Germany on your news feed. :) I'm originally from MI but we're living here for now. I'm a mommy. I'm a christian but I have to be honest and everything that I've witnessed over the last month has made me evaluate my relationship with Jesus. But, like so many others, I'm forever changed. I remember seeing your post when you first decided to make the messy flower in honor of Cora, WOW, I'm just in awe. In awe of what God has done. In awe of what you have done. You did what others (including myself) think to do but never act. You are so inspiring. I'm bummed that I missed out on the Cora messy flower but I'm glad I got the shirt. :) I hope you don't mind if I add your blog to my favorites, I would be honored to continue learning from you. Your blog is like an inspiring book...but WAY better!! Thank you! God Bless! Michele

  8. Beautiful. Fantastic. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this!!!

  9. Julie, YOU have been an incredible blessing to all of us through this as well.

    You listened when God spoke to you.

    Thank you so much for your hard work, using your talent, and being a blessing to people you didn't even know. Thank you for your kind words to me.

    Joy and Cora are surely playing together!

  10. That last little bit gave me goosebumps. It seems your sweet girl takes after her mother. Thanks so much for sharing this story with us and for letting us help too. God is using this to do incredible things, of that I am certain!

  11. Thank you for all that you have done! The new fabric is in the mail on it's way to that it can be turned into beautiful flowers and sent to others.