Meet Frenchy.
a.k.a Amy Butler's French Wallpaper fabric.
I fell in love with this yummy fabric after seeing this post.
Then and there I decided to slather Janey's nursery in it.

So I ordered yards and yards and yards.

But, I am dragging my feet and she is currently homeless.
Her clothes are in the dining room and her cradle rolls wherever we are.
I am just not ready to move Halley into Lulu's room.

So what do I do with this fabric yumminess just crying out to be used?

Make Messy Flower Headbands of course.

But I can't stop there!
Spring is just around the corner.
That means dress weather.
(It also means making a much belated birthday present... )

You can find these Frenchy treats in the shop.  
Happy almost Spring!


  1. OHHH!! I LOVE THIS FABRIC! It was on Tonya's site that I too fell in love!!

    I have two yards on its way to me as I type! YAY!!

    Super cute creations, as always! LOVE your stuff!!

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