1. I have so many thoughts, but so few words - especially the right words. To any mother that has to endure the loss of the child - I admire your strength. My eyes well up thinking about your pain, I could never be so strong.

  2. Beth Ann said it perfectly...

    I don't have the words.
    Only tears and heartache for them.

  3. I've shed many tears again today for the Mac Family.

    Can I say that Julie, you started something beyond amazing with your pins and project! I just saw the numbers and cried some more!

    A Heavenly Playground it will be :)

  4. I have had a very sad day - But am again amazed at God's workings!! What a great idea you had and I just saw that as of 3pm today March 5th the Etsy crafters raised more than $15,000 for Cora's Playground. Thanks for your efforts

  5. Julie,

    I got my package on Cora's birthday, it was so emotional for me. I love my headband and my clip.. They are awesome! I love the picture you put in the package of Cora that said, "Thank You!" You are so thoughful and you are doing an amazing thing by making all of this for Cora's palyground. You are helping God work through Cora's life as well... Keep up the amazing work!