I just saw this on the window of Halley's classroom.
It made me so happy.
When asked by her teacher to tell about her mom she said:

"My mom can sews.  She makes clothes."

Probably since just about every naptime, she sleeps to the
 sound of my very noisy, in need of a major tune up machine.

When she wakes up one of the first things she says is:

"What did you make me?"

So while I contemplate being separated from 
my beloved machine while it gets repaired,
I will leave you with some fun sewing machine eye candy.

If you have thought about taking up sewing, but are scared...
I have seen Singers on sale at Target for $69!
Try it.
With all of the fun and free online tutorials, 
I truly believe there has never, ever been a better time to start.
Don't even get me started on the fabric...


  1. Awww...what sweet words from Halley! I wonder what my kids would say about me?!!

    Good luck in the big decision with your machine!! And I love all your fun finds!!

  2. How cute is Halley! And can you please take a quick trip here to St. Louis to teach me how to sew. I have an old Singer and I just go sit and stare at it. I don't know where to begin. It doesn't help I have 4-6 kids here per day.... but anyway, if you are ever in town let me know and I would be every so thankful for some lessons. I thought I could remember something from Home-Ec in 7th grade but it's not coming back to me as I was hoping.... anyway, you are so fun!

  3. So sweet! She's a doll. I love that she wants to know what you made her.

    I'm trying hard not to be too afraid of my machine. But I will admit it scares me a bit. I haven't asked much of it yet, because I'm afraid it won't cooperate. But I see inspiration all around - there is some fabric I'm simply drooling over!


  4. Thanks for all those links and finds- LOVE them.
    And I adore Halley's interpretation of you. ;)

  5. You've just found me birthday, mother's day, and christmas gifts for the next five years for my mom!! :)

  6. That is SO sweet! Just melts my heart! I can't wait until Brayden can talk and say nice things about me :)

  7. SO SWEET!!! My daughter gets up for "rest time" (aka, playing in her room because she refuses to sleeep at nap time) and tells me it isn't fair that I always sew stuff for strangers. :)

  8. you are so inspiring!!! i have been racking my brain to try and find something unique to make to put in the shop, just so I have an excuse to buy some of this yummy fabric :) haven't come up with anything yet :(

  9. That's sweet! I love your blog! I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Lemonade award.

  10. Oh that is sooo cute- I think kids are so proud when their mommas can make things handmade.. :) This post is making me want to dust off my sewing machine and start creating again! xoxox Holly

  11. That is so sweet!

    I have told my hubby (several times over the past few weeks) that since I have been visiting - make that lurking - on your site for the past few months that I really do want to try my hand at sewing. I make be a huge failure but at least I can try, right? For nothing else, I am a scrapper too and my pages are so in need of a good, messy stitch around the edges. :)

  12. I have a 3 month old little girl and have just started learning how to sew. How I wish I had let my mother teach me when I was younger! I really enjoy your blog and the projects you post. Thanks!