From being one of those crazy ladies
with a house full of cats,
wearing a Snuggie,
cleaning up after them with my Sham Wow.

I blame it all on Janey.
She likes to hang out with me from 3 - 4 a.m.
Which means that if there is nothing on the DVR,
I am lured in by middle of the night infomercials.

It started with these:
I thought they would be a great birthday gift for my mom.
So did she, since she ordered them too.  
Before I did.
She told me all about them two days after I made the call.

So I moved on to these.
She likes them.
I need to get less volume from my lion's mane...
they would be crazy in my hair.

Then, it got really serious.
I ordered from QVC!

But in my defense, it was from Chloe Dao, of Project Runway fame.
Love the show.
Loved her.
I wanted pretty much one of each item in her line.

But I settled on this jacket.
It was Today's Special Value!
How could I resist.
Plus, it came in green.
Perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

The construction is
How cute is it with my Cora Pin?

Now all it needs is some time with my TOBI.
But that is another post entirely.

Gotta go put on my Snuggie and feed the 50 cats.


  1. You make me laugh! Like we all haven't thought of ordering a time or two. Lucky for me, our phone is never where it is supposed to be. Since I'm too lazy to look for it, I just sit on the couch stroking the cat, watching and wondering if the products really work.

    Take care,

    Oh, and yes, your Cora pin looks fab with the new jacket. You go girl!

  2. This is so funny. I have totally been there. Why is tv so bad in the middle of the night? Don't they know there are many many mothers watching? It was the fresh prince for me. Good nights rests are ahead.

  3. soo funny~ I have a drawer full of Bare Minerals that was a late night purchase! Love it! And your pin DEF finishes the look! love it!

  4. Ha! Ha! 2 am feedings is how I got hooked on Project Runway... re-runs. BTW, I have an EZ comb too! It's not EZ! Jeanette

  5. I laughed out-loud at this post....
    Mainly because I was following it and saying..."yea...I can see me doing that.....that's not that bad....ooooh....I love that jacket...." have a kindred spirit right here!! :)

  6. I think the same thing about Bump-its... I want less volume, not more!! Have you seen the InStyler infomercial? I'm telling you... you do need one of those! It's a naturally curly girl's best friend! :)

  7. Cute jacket!...and QVC is awesome...don't be ashamed!

  8. Can't say no to a Today's Special Value! My kids have been begging us for a Snuggie for months.

  9. one of the funniest posts ever! still giggling! thanks for putting a big smile on my face today! happy shopping!

  10. that is a great jacket!
    what are the headband things? looks interesting...

  11. Girl, you are cracking me up today!

    I looove me some QVC. ;-) Seriously. They have the best prices on Bare Minerals make up lots of times. And I actually saw that jacket the day it was on and loved it.

    Oh and I bought a Total Gym from them years ago and now I look just like Christy Brinkley. Fact.

  12. Cute jacket....Not even sure how I got to your blog, but glad that I did. I love it.

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  13. I totally want that Bump It thing. I think it's such an amazing idea! Am I lame?