I have always justified the fact that Lucy 
(a.k.a. Donald Trump)
hates wearing things in her hair, 
because I never made her when she was a baby.

Today that theory was proven wrong.

It is genetic.

I am offering Pretty. Messy. flowers on stretchy headbands 
and needed a baby to model one.

Perfect.  Janey is always happy.  Never cries.

Now I know how to make her cry.


Not thinking that this photo will sell many headbands.

My item description could be:

"Buy this.  Your baby will hate it."

Off to find a new model.

Sorry Janey, you're fired.

But I love you and your bald head!

P.S. There is a batch of new Cora Flowers in the shop.


  1. Even when she's crying she's still cute. I think you ought to use it-it would definitely be different than everyone else's product pictures!!

    Too bad I don't still look cute when I cry....

  2. So stinkin' funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. It could be the apron she hates. Glad to see I'm not the only cruel one who posted a picture of a screaming child today :)

  4. awww...poor little nugget. She still looks cute...thanks for the out loud chuckle!

  5. oh that is too funny!

    by the way, I got our headbands today!!! YAY! i LOVE them!

    I will try and take a picture of claire in her stretchy head band tomorrow and email it you :)

  6. What a lovely little girl, even when she cries her heart out.

  7. The picture is priceless!!!- She is still an absolute doll!- Precious headband too...

  8. That is a charming picture - it made me laught. Thanks.

  9. I may just have to buy one for my Little A and take some pictures! :P

  10. that is so funny!

    doesn't she know how fashionable she is?!
    you know they say models are difficult to work with....

  11. LOL! I thought that just happened to us...I did the same thing with my daughter. It didn't work...she doesn't want to wear anything on her head, just like her mother. Sigh!

  12. OMG she is still stinkin adorable. I love American Accents as well. Yes it is the best by far.

  13. Oh and I know a cute baby who can model for you. She just happens to live in Indiana though.

  14. Oh the things we do to our kids...I have never commented on your blog but I love to read it and see all the beautiful and clever things you make. You should check out http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/. Her daughter Harper models the cutest hats and hairbands. Maybe Harper and Janey could be blog friends.

  15. that headband is awesome!!! my daughter has been wearing the 2 that i bought from you A LOT!!! i love them!!!!!