Okay, so here in Debby Downerville I need a laugh.  

Or a shower, because they always make me feel better, but then I would have to turn on the water and put my precious fabric at risk.

So, I will share this little video from my fave funny man Paul F. Tompkins.
He isn't the cleanest comedian in town, but isn't the dirtiest either.

If you have a kid, or know anyone else with one, I promise you will laugh.
Or be offended.
Maybe my humor is a bit on the sarcastic side...

My sis in law and I have been pregnant at the exact same time for all  of our kids.  In fact, her due date is one day after mine with Janey, but while I get to have my babies early, she has to suffer it out until the bitter end.  She is sort of hating me right now, as I will be pretty much settled and recovered before her little one even enters the world.

Any-whoo... when I was pregnant with Halley and she was pregnant with her firstborn, we joked about how many people would pull us aside and tell us in complete seriousness:

"When you have the baby, your life is going to change!"

Wow, what a revelation.  That never occurred to me!

What nugget of wisdom will they impart next?
The sky is blue?  Grass is green?  Clowns are creepy?

So with that in mind, watch and enjoy.

I am off to flood the garage.

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  1. Oh Julie! I wish for you a plumber to appear on your doorstep ready to re-plumb your house for free! And I am so glad someone else finds clowns creepy...ugh!