I did it.

I don't know why.
But I did.
I suppose I am vulnerable to peer pressure.
That would also explain why I read Twilight.
Everybody else is doing it, I thought.  I better too.

Do what you ask?
Join Facebook.

Because I am in desperate need of another thing to suck away my time....

So, I thought I would just peek around.  Not send out any random friend requests.  Just a handful to my inner circle.

Boy was I mistaken.

My inner circle of friends seems to have a rather large outer circle of friends.  

Suddenly my inbox is OVERFLOWING with friend requests.

But here is where I get confused.

We haven't talked or seen each other for 15 years and you want to be my friend?
We weren't really even "friends" 15 years ago.

Or worse...

You see me every week at church but won't say hello to me unless I say it first and you want to be my friend?


I might cave to peer pressure, but I don't crave popularity.  I don't care how big my friend list is.  In fact I would prefer it to be small, thus producing less people I have to keep up with. But, I am thinking that most people do care, and that is why randoms are coming out of the woodwork begging to add me.

Am I missing something?  Am I too cynical?  Any thoughts?

Or do you want to be my friend to look cool and super popular?


  1. I think the numbers game on facebook is hilarious!! I am constantly rejecting people who don't care enough to be my friend in real life...or never were in high school or whatever circle I have known them in. I think a lot of people on facebook just want as many "friends" as they can get. I try to keep my list minimal. :)

    As for your lost craft room...I am finding myself happier now that the craft room is my dining room table. It keeps me where my family is and not away from them in a craft room. :)

    Hope you are well!! :)

  2. I agree with you! My husband and I are both on facebook (peer pressure) and I have very few friends, because basically- I could care less. I love my bloggy friends, though!:)

    We went through a plumbing problem that had to do with our lovely septic system last summer (never had septic before- what do I know??). To the tune of thousand and thousands of dollars... Anyway, you are in my prayers, Sweetie. It is such a pain, but you will get through this- we did.:) Love you, Lori

  3. Haha...facebook. My hubby and I got suckered in a few months ago also. We've found it's a great tool for stalkers! Actually, we like that you can reject friend requests and control who is able to see your pictures and info. It's been fun for us to be able to keep in touch with friends and our huge family. We get to see pics of all the cousins, their kids, neices, nephews, aunts etc and see what everyone is up to on a regular basis since we don't get to see everyone regularly. It's a fun tool...but I enjoy blogging more! :)

  4. I say "ignore" 'em! I ignored a friend request from a family member- it was freeing. She's mean and not my friend. :)

  5. This kinda made me laugh! I just mentioned this whole Facebook thing in my post from yesterday! I created an account just to see what it is all about and am getting all sorts of friend requests and messages! And I haven't even added a picture yet!! Or anything about myself!

    I think I am off to delete my account now...before I get suckered in!! Best of luck to you!!

  6. I don't really think it's a numbers game... most people use Facebook as a way to catch up with people they haven't seen for years. And then of course current friends.

    Now, if someone isn't nice to you right now and wants to be your friend - that is weird.

  7. P.S. I love your blog - I've read it for a long time. :) I feel like you're my friend. :)

  8. the exact reasons i am staying away from FB :) i keep in touch with who i want to all on my own :) my blog world is just enough for me :)

  9. I don't personally do Facebook and would tend to agree with Crystal. If someone doesn't want to be my friend in a traditional way, why on something like Facebook??

  10. Uh oh, be careful because it is addicting. I have limited my facebook to people I actually like and people I want to get back in touch with. I have a "if you weren't my friend then, you aren't now" policy :).
    With that said, let's be facebook friends!

  11. Most of my FB friends are my friends from the Internet anyway. I can't decide if it's sad that I have more Internet friends than "real life" friends.

  12. I joined facebook and found a few "Friends" from high school but found it hard and overwhelming with all the apps. I much prefer to keep in touch through blogs. Plus I love all the great craft and idea blogs I've found.

  13. They need to call it something other than "friends" - more like "contacts". There are people on my FB who aren't what I would call "friends", but I'm fine with them on my list - old co-workers and classmates, friends of friends and moms I kind of know from school.

    I don't put highly personal stuff there - that belongs in my Livejournal or blog - but it's fine for overall updates and very good for finding/being found by old friends.

  14. Oh goodness...I am new to facebook but I did join it to be able to send messages to my daughter or close friends...since we are full time workers and both have little ones it is easier than picking up the phone and just sending a message that way....and also for some of my church friends that I see way across in church and just wave and then we miss each other afterwards it is a way for me to just add a little message from then...

    Now for people that I have not seen...well nope not into the big numbers on the friends list...I add those that I actually use to talk to and just got out of touch...

    I think the big numbers might be the teenagers and young adults but I may be wrong...some do it just so they don't offend anyone...I only request those that I use to talk to way back but if it was just a hi and that's all I don't feel like I am a friend as the word friend means...

    So I would just add who you want to and don't worry what anyone thinks...

    I would like to add you if that is ok cause I feel like I can get to know my blogg friends better this way through facebook cause it is more one on one...hard to explain..sorry so long of a post...
    if you want to add me my name is Beth Lowman/Warner Robins-Macon in GA network

  15. Hee hee, my kids have banned me from Facebook. They say they're protecting me from becoming "that creepy stalker mom." I spend enough time on the blog and Twitter as it is...

  16. lol! I had to delete my facebook! I was spending every waking hour on it! It was really bad, I would get nothing done!

  17. I think the word "friend" means more to me than Facebook. Plus, can't you call me to ask me a question - and everything is so public. I do have an account, but that is all it is.

  18. I am a sucker too... I actually got a request to join a few years ago when I went back to college because at the time that is who it was for... college students - now even my mother in law has one!

  19. it's a huge time sucker!
    i have friends but not a single thing on my page except my name. nothing.
    i want to get into it so i can keep tabs on my kids' but really not interested. the bloggy is enough.
    but i will be your friend....confirm? deny?

  20. facebook is funny that way...but it'spretty addictive. and I have to admit...there is a guilty pleasure about seeing random things about people you never talk to..

  21. ooh I am so adding you!!

    purely to boost my numbers . . .

  22. LOL Kristen.
    I have a FB account. It is fun. A friend from Kindergarten found me and I couldn't be happier. We were the best of little friends. Her dad was in the military and got sent to a different state. We lost contact, for that reason I am happy for the long lost "friend" requests. However I am with you on the rude people asking to be your friend. I am thankful for the ignore tool. Oh and my 74 year old Grandma just joined facebook, so did her sisters. It is aweaome to have her involved in technology finally :)

  23. I had to comment on here because Ali B. just referenced this post tonight and said I should add my two cents about facebook. I actually have loved reconnecting with people because I tend to be pretty isolated in my stay at home mom world. I'm not in to the blog world so this is where I get my connections. I have loved reconnecting with long lost friends. Yes, many, many people have sent me friend requests that I don't know. I stress because I don't want anyone to feel "rejected" or like it's high school again. I know many add me just through connection at church or who may know my hubby. I only talk to the people I want to connect with. I guess some people care about the number of friends but I think many could care less. I do know though that if you are not an extrovert at all, this would be another thing that could be overwhelming. I am a huge fan but I'm a trapped extrovert looking for connection. And warning, I'm going to find you on there and start writing to you :)

  24. What is nice about facebook friends is that you can see how peoples lives turned out and see how they look now, even if you weren't best friends with them back in the day. And it's a great way to keep in touch with old friends and family. I still think blogging is a better way to do that.