I needed to get out of the house yesterday.
I desperately craved a messy, greasy, smelly Tommy's burger.

Jason obliged.

What I didn't expect to do was fall off the wagon.
(print by cakespy)

 The diet soda wagon that I have 
been riding for nearly a year.

I had good intentions.  Number two combo with iced tea.  Easy.  
But what I didn't anticipate was that the iced tea would be creepy.  
Un-drinkably creepy.

Well, since I had paid for my large drink I didn't want to be wasteful, so what did I do?  
Have two glorious cups of the best tasting poison in the whole world.

Was it worth it?
For the twenty minutes that I was in the restaurant drinking it up, 

For the headache I still can't seem to shake,

I hate you diet soda.
Every time I get out...
you keep pulling me back in.


  1. I sooooo get this. Only my poison of choice is Diet Dr. Pepper. I ran from him during each of my pregnancies and managed to get away. I always returned to him, though. He is a doctor, after all. LOL!

    I'm bragging here, but I haven't had a Diet Dr. P since the day before Thanksgiving. He still calls my name and taunts me and dares me to drink him. I won't. I won't. Unless, of course, the ice tea is creepy.

  2. Oh JULIE!
    Now I know I'm not the only one in the world who craves the greasy burgers from Tommys. It only happens once in a while, but when it happens, it is glorious.
    -heather z

  3. Oh no! You are still my hero since I still have at least one a day!

  4. Oh....I LOVE me some diet fountain soda...and I have no desire to quit it. :)

  5. The burger sounds delish!! Sometimes you just need something bad. I love my Dr. Pepper so I can relate to you having a Diet Whateverthatwas.
    Hope y'all are all adjusting well and enjoying that precious baby!!

  6. I love Diet Coke. I don't buy it for home anymore, but I always have one or two or ... on the road! And I have errands to do just all the time!

  7. I gave up diet pepsi for two weeks recently..which felt like an eternity. I am back on the juice and I decided I am a much better person when I drink my black magic. I am not going to feel guilty anymore. Amen.

  8. that print is so cute! I am unfortunately their poster child!