Janey is happy.  
Every second of every day.  

I am happy too.  
Plumber #4 figured out a way to fix our water fiasco 
and save us thousands while doing it.  
We big puffy heart him!

So now I can take a loooong shower free from the panicked 
feeling that my fabric and paper are floating away.
The small joys of life.  
Even better than a giant fountain Diet Pepsi 
that I am daydreaming about right now.


  1. Janey is absolutely gorgeous and I am so thrilled that she is so good for you!! I had 2 difficult babies...and was scared to have a 3rd. Maybe I shouldn't have been!! :)

    Congrats on plumber #4! that is EXCELLENT news!!!

  2. she is so adorable!! and i covet your showerhead!! and glad for you that you can now actually use it! lol!

  3. Just wanted to let you know I tagged you in my blog! Come play, it's fun!

  4. JUlie- Janey is gorgeous! Just like her Mom and sisters.:)

    Yeah for long, hot showers and saving lots of money- yippee!:) Lori

  5. Julie, she is SO beautiful!!! :) You are so blessed with that sweet little girl! xoxox

  6. Oh that picture! Ah! I love it! I want to hold that girl! You are a blessed woman!!

  7. awe so adorable. cute little outfit too!
    Babies are just wonderful!

    and glad you got a good plumber that saved you money...that's always good.

  8. Oh, I'm so happy for you. What a stressful situation to deal with right after having a baby.
    Janey is beautiful! And of course looks gorgeous in pink!
    God is Good!

  9. I am sure everyne reading your blog is happy too!!!!!!

  10. Can I borrow Janey for a bit?! I mean, maybe if I have her here I will get over my "I need a baby" craze!!! Both of my kids were really good and easy so I am sure she would fit right in!!

    She is a beautiful baby girl! Congrats once again to you all!

    And YAY for getting your plumbing woes figured out!

  11. Awhh she is cute as can be! Glad about your plumber...Have a great day!

  12. She's precious! Yay for happy babies!!! :)

  13. oh my goodness she is adorable!!!!

  14. She is so lovely. Congrats on the worry free shower :)

  15. She is so precious. Longing for another little one of my own. Someday soon if I get so lucky.
    Enjoy the madness.

  16. Oh! She's beautiful!!
    A happy baby and long hot showers, does it get any better than that?
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. OK - she may seriously be the most beautiful baby EVER! Nice work.

  18. Janey is so sweet... Glad you have a sleeper! I would not know anything about that- my child never sleeps.

    Thank goodness for hot showers!