I don't like people.

Well, it's more that I don't like attention.
One of my worst nightmares?  
A huge surprise party in my honor.  
Where I have to open presents in front of everyone.  
As they stare at me.

So what did my friends go and do?

Buy me the 


That just happens to scream: 

"Hey strangers! Cute baby inside.  Come look!  Then stay a while and chat with 
the mom.  Yes, the raggedy looking one who hasn't used her flat iron in two weeks."

So what did I do?
Make a cute tent to match.  
But mostly to hide what is inside. 
Hoping that it will deflect some of the attention.
So I can shop undisturbed at Target in my frizzy haired glory.

I found the tutorial here.
I tweaked it a bit to add a little peek-a-boo vent.
Partly to be able to see what Janey is up to, and partly because of my own personal fears of suffocation.  A blanket near my face sends me into a panic.

Seriously, how many issues do I have?


  1. Ummm, Julie? Hate to burst your bubble but I don't think your adorable tent is going to deflect any attention. If I saw a raggedy mom with a cute get-up like yours I'd definitely have to have a peek at the sweetie inside!!

  2. yes i would totally be like... oh where did you get that adorable carseat cover?!

    anyways, i'm sure you are so adorable. you are too hard on yourself!!!

    p.s. janey is such a sweetie and i can already see how she looks like your other gorgeous girls!!!

  3. I so would have to stop you and check out your awesome car seat cover and tent! I am so jealous! You really have the cutest stuff ever!! There is definately no going incognito with that car seat!

    Janey is sweet as pie!!

  4. That is eye candy if there ever was such a thing! I know I have said it...oh...a hundred and one times...you are one talented woman! So awesome! And that sweet Janey is the cutest!!! oh!

  5. Julie- I totally feel the same way. I did not want people touching my little ones when they were so tiny! I know it's hard to hold back people, but please try! I control myself (even though babies are the sweetest thing on earth) so you can, too, is what I want to say.

    That is the cutest car seat cover and your made the sweetest little tent to go with it! Is there nothing you can't do?? Lori

  6. I'm considering having another baby (in hopes of a girl) just so I can get one of these beautiful car seat covers! I can't believe you just whipped up a matching tent for it. You have such awesome talent! I love your posts!

  7. That is so adorable and that baby inside...beautiful!!

  8. Sorry but this will grab me a lot faster...this cover is so cute! Very talented mommy I say! Oh Janey is cutie pie so that would make me want to look more! I love little girls also...so guess I better not be around or I would be awhhh...and ooooo.

  9. First of all, that is so adorable. Secondly, at least you have a good excuse to go to target looking raggedy. I went after working out last week and couldn't make eye contact with anyone because I looked so terrible. Ugh...why can't a girl just shop in target without worrying about her non-flattened hair?

  10. I love it all!!! I have so many friends pregnant right now. How handy is the vented tent! Janey is adorable. I am so like you. Gina had Curly Red Hair and every person we saw in public had to comment, and sometimes even TOUCH! I just wnted to run into Target and get wipes for crying out loud.

  11. Oh my gosh...so cute. I love the little vent you made also. Great job! The fabric is divine. I want friends like yours who will buy me a cute girly carseat cover (since mine is blue and yellow). Thanks for the shout-out. BEAUTIMOUS!

  12. OHHH The seat cover and tent are so cute it makes me want to have another baby!!!! =] Janey is sooooo darn cute!!!!

    OH, I also have something for you on my blog!!

  13. Yeah, I agree with some of the others , I'd totally try to get a peek inside and end up chatting you up about where you got the carseat cover. But I hope the cute little tent does what you want it to do.

    SO CUTE!

  14. Carseat cover and tent is darling! ...Baby inside Precious.

    I have issues with just getting out and not having a panic attack from crowds of people. Eeeek

  15. I am the same way...

    question for you...how is the quality of the carseat cover? It is sewn well..I love that seller's shop and may purchase...so would love some feedback on how you like the product...

    and thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog...it means so much ot me...


  16. That carseat outfit screams ADORABLE!!!! I want one!!! Must have! Must. must.must.

  17. This is beautiful! I love the idea and can't wait to try to make my own as well! I hope you don't mind that I shared your idea on my blog. Come visit!

    -Shara from

  18. oh my goodness. i would totally be the one coming up to you {lesson learned}

    but only because i LOVE that fabric {which i guess was your point, right?} - and it actually is the same fabric on the case for my kindle. :)

    i'd overchat you in a heartbeat, just to tell you about my kindle case.
    {i might be THAT girl}