In August?
Or today?

Sorry snowed in friends.  
This is how we spent our afternoon.  
Our January afternoon.

Each time I tire of living here... the Hummers, the Botox, the "Real Housewives", the over indulgence, I step back and remember why I love it.

I grew up here, my family lives here, it is always sunny and the things that the world defines as Orange County are not the same things by which I define my life.

We are different.  We will always be different.  There will always be something breaking in the house or our not-new cars.  I will always be trying to figure out a way to make something for less, or fix something myself.

But that is how it was for me growing up.  I feel it made me appreciate everything so much more and have a more realistic view of the world.

I hope our girls will feel the same way as they grow. That they will focus on our simple abundance, and not what others around them have.

So tonight I am curling up with Jason and Janey, watching The Notebook, and devouring this plate of happiness brought over by this sweetie.  Who doesn't know me, but in a very non-Orange County way blessed our family with dinner tonight.  

I don't need to move away.  I have everything I need and more right here.


  1. AHHHHHH! you are terrible to keep rubbin your sunshine in! i must admit, it is fun to read all about it though....wish I was enjoying a plate of brownies myself! ENJOY! Happy sunday, happy weekend...

  2. I know! Yesterday I actually wore a sundress! After Christmas, I'm pretty much willing to skip straight to summer, so I've been thrilled about this weather!!!

  3. We watched The Notebook last night. I had never seen it. What a great movie :O)
    Have a great night.

  4. Julie,
    Let me just encourage you that it is possible to grow up in OC and not be completely self-centered! You did it, I did it, and the kids can do it too! We deal with the same kinds of issues still as we raise our kids in a culture of affluence here in Scottsdale, AZ. Sometimes it's really hard, but we keep hammering away at that "others-centeredness"!

  5. Those of us in snow Ohio so appreicate your gloating!! ;)
    Your sweet post shows us all that friends and family are what makes a place "home."

  6. Fashion Island, the place we go to play in the fountain and ride the train, not to shop, right? I just started reading your blog and I was happy to see you were from OC and not really that OC at all, I am not either, but sometimes it creeps up on me and I cant help it. I love your blog and your kids are adorable, thanks.