But I've been swimming in it.
Time to get out and face reality.
Before Christmas I noticed a strange leak in the garage.  Small, but strange.  I tried to convince myself it was due to the recent rains or perhaps the washing machine.

I blew it off.
Then it got bigger.
So I threw a towel on it.
Then bigger.
More towels.  Lots more towels.
Then it started flowing into my craft area and fabric cabinet.
It am not cool with water messing with my stuff.
So we called the plumber.

He was out of town.

We went to the hospital to have Janey and put the leak out of our minds.
When we got back the plumber came over and determined it was a slab leak, most likely in the garage.  Not the end of the world.  He gave us a referral and was on his way.
Today Lloyd, the leak specialist and all around amazing guy, came to fix it.

But he didn't.  

It wasn't in the garage.
It is under our new wood floors.
If we were to fix it we would have to sacrifice the floors and it would most likely happen again.

Gotta love shady 1970's construction.

So our options?
Re-pipe the whole house.  For thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.
Money I dreamt would make that crummy garage into my dream craft and play room.
Bye bye dreams.  Bye bye craft room.
So as I sit here in my post-natal, crazy hormone induced tears, I am trying to put it into perspective.

I am thankful to have a home.
A husband who has a great job.
A God that always provides exactly what we need, even if it isn't exactly what we want.
Do I want to spend money on pipes?
What do you think?
But what would someone without plumbing, much less a house think of me crying about a craft room?

So until we get this mess fixed, every time we need to wash dishes, do laundry or take showers we head outside to turn on the water.  Then we rush back out to turn it off.  Our new mantra is:

If it's yellow, let it mellow.

At least that can make me smile.


  1. So, "If it's brown, we go to town." Is that it? Sorry, couldn't resist. Can you cut a small hole in your floor and hire a tiny man to crawl in and repipe? Character- it is all for your character building that God lets you go through these things. He knows what you desire. Just wait. In my life some things did not seem to happen but then I see it is because He had something different we were going to do or get or it would have really not been good in the first place. Sorry, I know you don't want Pollyanna here, it STINKS(especially the mellowing stuff!) and it hurts and is really not good at the moment, hang on.

  2. So sorry to hear that! But what a wonderful attitude you have about it all. I know I'd be disappointed also (and the post preggo hormones certainly don't help with that) Foundation & plumbing problems can be such a pain. Good luck getting it all fixed and remember, the craft room will come in good time! :)

  3. I would totally be drowning in my tears as well (no pun intended). You have a fabulous attitude about it though-and everything always seems to work out in the end.

  4. Oh life - you do love to throw a wrench into a girls plans, don't you? Sorry about your plumbing, that is so crummy. "If its yellow, let it mellow" made me laugh out loud. If that makes you feel any better.

  5. oh julie....yikes...we have been there...remember our condo. we moved out for a month. spent thousands. sick. if you need a place to live, your welcome in cramped crazy romper room house!! just think though...you can pick out all new paint for your the walls that get ripped open...that might be fun!!! :)