Is it even possible that this is my family?

We had the best day wandering through alleys, being our silly selves, who just happened to have four fabulous photographers with us.

It didn't even feel like we were getting our pictures taken.

That is how wonderful it was.

So indulge me and take a peek at some insane images from Drew and Elizabeth.

I look forward to seeing what Jamie and Anne-Camille shot too!

This was Jason's favorite part of the shoot.  

Drew brought these sweet letters that she painted my favorite shade of pink.  So thoughtful!

These girls love their dad!

Janey preferred working on her beauty sleep rather than posing.

Drew also brought seven balloons for us to send to heaven.  A highlight.

Who would have thought that this alley would be such a gorgeous backdrop?  
The wet ground made it even more amazing.

Sweet Lulu.  She'll pose for candy. 

Halley girl.  She loved running around and splashing in puddles.

If you aren't on Carson overload head on over to Drew's and Elizabeth's blog to see more of their unbelievable work.  
All I have to say, is if you live within say a few thousand miles of either Orange County or Memphis, I think you need to book yourself a session right this second.
It is better than you could ever imagine!


  1. The pictures are so beautiful. I'm glad you have some happy memories from that day.

  2. get outta town....those are FAB....what a smashing group of people...

  3. The pictures turned out amazing! What a beautiful family you have.

  4. I would be freaking out too! Those images are AMAZING!!! You should think about getting at least one printed on canvas!!

  5. Your pictures are dreamy! What a lovely family you have, Sweetie.:) Lori

  6. Julie-those pictures are AMAZING and it certainly looked to be a JOYful day!! What a beautiful gift and thanks for sharing your family and story with us. :) You've got a beautiful family.

  7. BEAUTIFUL!! All of you and your photos!!! :)

  8. A beautiful family!!! Love all the photos!


  9. Amazing photographers!!! Thanks for sharing Joy’s Hope with us. You have so many wonderful photos to remember the day by. You guys have three beautiful girls! I love the skirts, soooo cute!!! Have a great week!

    Heidi Jo the Artist

  10. yes, I am freaking out i went to all the websites and looked at all the pictures. They are awesome. They are so beautiful I like want to order some and it isn't even my family.. is that weird? :)

  11. Gorgeous!! Really, Julie, those are spectacular!!

  12. WOW those pictures are amazingly gorgeous!!! You have such a cute family, and the balloons for Joy were the perfect touchto a special day! :) xoxox

  13. amazing photos..especially with the ballons...your girls are adorable!!!

  14. Beautiful!!! The girls TutUs are just AWESOME. I would love to know where you got them..Or maybe you made them? What a sweet day for your family!

  15. What an amazing day. I think my favorite (I went to all the other blogs too) is the one of your family on the left and then JOY spelled out over on the right. Beautiful. So glad that she can be with you, even when she isn't. I love reading your blog. (my third out of 4 kids would be celebrating his 2nd birthday in 3 weeks--we lost him to SIDS in 2007.) So, thanks for your blog. It is beautiful.

  16. Julie~ you are so sweet.
    i had such a great time with your family. thank you SO much for allowing us to ba apart of this most special day. i will always have your family in my thoughts as well as a special place in my heart. you are the most amazing family and i am so glad to have had the oppertunity to meet you.

  17. Julie,

    I just wanted to let you know I just posted a Sneak Peek on my blog! I guess I'm the slow-poke of the group!!! There are more coming.

    I am also going to send you a full-resolution disc of the images. Could you email me your address:

    It was a priveledge photographing your family. Thank you.

  18. AMAZING!!! Janey looks so much like JOY!!!

  19. These are Great! I love the one with the letters JOY!
    Just came across your blog...I think you had left a comment above me and I was curious!
    Vintage Lily

  20. Every single picture is just absolutely gorgeous! Like you said...who would of ever thought that an alley would provide such a great backdrop?!?!? Awesome!

  21. Wow, I just know Joy was sitting next to Jesus looking down at you and smiling.

    These photos make me want to book with our local awesome photographer NOW! What talented ladies.

  22. your girls are absolutely beautiful. wow!